Silver Chic Ladies Salon

Silver Chic Ladies Salon

Hamdan Street, Ziyani Area behind Dunia Finance Al Mariah Mall, backside Arab Udupi Restaurant building, Mezzanine Floor M-2
Al Zaab
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$$ - Affordable
  Work Hours: Sat - Fri (9:00 AM - 10:00 PM)
Payments: Credit/Debit Cards
Parking: Private
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Silver Chic Ladies Salon is the place to explore and bring out the beautiful side of you. We are in this business since 1999 and apart from being a beauty salon, this is the destination for relaxation and rejuvenation.

3 Reviews

 Abu Dhabi, UAE
Silver Chic Ladies Salon

I went here to get my eye-brows threaded and to enquire the cost of hair dying could come up to. They seemed very insistent that I immediately get a pedicure and/or a manicure.
Connection? None? Yea, I thought so too.
I was a bit put off by that, and when I enquired about the hair dye, repeatedly, they finally told me that I was to come back every month for a re-application. Ok. That was fine. But did they have the color I wanted (Purple), what were their rates, etc.
They didn't know. They did not know how much they would charge, or if they had the color. And then what? They just stood there, looking back and forth, at me, and then amongst themselves. Spoke a bit, and laughed. And then just completely ignored me and went on to banter with their other lovely colleagues.
I felt humiliated. It was awful. And I had just got one eyebrow done. I wished I could have just walked out of there with just one done. The only person there who was nice was the lovely lady who was doing my eyebrows. She didn't laugh. So that was alright I guess.
I cannot stress how horrid I felt as I left. My eyebrows were just bearable. The extras were pulled out, the tiny ones were left in. Lots of gaps, but not noticeable at a quick glance. I was in a hurry. I paid up 15/ AED and got my sorry back-side out of there.

I intend to never set foot back there again.


 Dubai, UAE
Silver Chic Ladies Salon

I went today there for eyebrow threading and was not satisfied with the service rendered by a salon lady with blonde hair. I asked her if she could just fixed a little bit my eyebrow but she sarcastically bragged that my eyebrow is not looking good. I asked her to trim a little bit on the side coz Im not comfortable with the outcome. She replied " so what do u want?!" She raised her voiced and did all the nasty talking.
My concern is she should approach me in a calm manner as you are paying for her service. Whatever concern you have she should addressed it nicely not in a way you will be humiliated in front of the other customers.
When I left the salon,I stayed for a while outside the door so I could hear whatever she may utter. And there she goes, uttering her unprofessional choice of words. That was foul but I stayed calm and walked away. She has a big mouth for a little issue.
Hope this will not happen to other customers.
I will never go again on that salon.


 Abu Dhabi, UAE
Silver Chic Ladies Salon

The best and famous Ladies salon in the Capital with Philipino and Indian qualified and profissional staff Morrocan Bath/hair and beauty/mani and pedicure Hair rebonding and facial treatments and more services located in Hamdan street


sindhu28 where exactly is this? they have morrocan bath?

30/10/2012 - Report


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