Chalhoub Bldg, Naher Str, Mar Mikhael
Mar Michael
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An open kitchen where every day a different lady/cook comes from a different Lebanese village and cooks thetraditional dishes/recipes of that village. Tawlet offers an open buffet with at least 10 to 11 authentic Lebanese dishes varying from salads, appetizers and main course (vegetarian and non-vegetarian). An open sweets buffet as well serving traditional Lebanese sweets and drinks.

2 Reviews


I had lunch here a few weeks ago. Simply amazing. Home cooked food, great atmosphere (again like being at home)....very healthy too and there was a wine tasting when I was there so lucky me. I met some cool people who were eating next to us, which makes me think this is a pretty popular place with the upscale crowd. I loved it, will be going back. One piece of advice is to label the food better, if you're not Lebanese you may not know what some stuff is.

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 Beirut, LB

One of the best upscale restaurants i've been too. Story is they get a different chef from a different village every week and they make fresh, organic, healthy lebanese food in a buffet. It's around $25/person but they have unlimited arak and desserts along with all the dishes. go hungry you won't want to stop.

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EvanChiqu this sounds like such a badass idea.. I'm so going to try this. Is it better on a weekend?

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