1847 Mens Salon

Emirates Towers Boulevard, Lower Level, (Opposite Cartier)
Trade Centre
4.0 star rating 4 Reviews
$$$ - Mid-Range
  Work Hours: Sat - Fri (9:00 AM - 10:00 PM)
Payments: Credit/Debit Cards
Parking: Valet
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About this business

1847 in Dubai is the first male grooming lounge in the region to provide a unique 'executive grooming' experience, 1847 continues to raise the standards for male grooming in the Middle East.
As the first brand of dedicated grooming lounges for men in the Middle East, 1847 remains at the forefront of grooming services for today’s fast moving executive lifestyle.
A traditional concept with a contemporary edge, 1847 offers a portfolio of both luxurious and essential male oriented services ranging from shaves to shoe shines, waxing to hair cutting, manicures and pedicures to massages and facials. The 1847 man can experience a host of treatments in masculine and sophisticated surroundings that incorporate those ‘added luxuries’ such personal plasma screens and private libraries.
There are currently five 1847 branches across four key residential and commercial areas in Dubai.
As the ideal spot to disconnect and unwind from our demanding, modern day lives, 1847 promises a unique, ‘executive grooming’ experience like no other.

4 Reviews

 Dubai, UAE
1847 Mens Salon

1847 is the premiere men's grooming salon brand in the UAE. I've been coming here for over 3 years and it's simply the only men's salon I trust to get it right 100% of the time. I go to the Emirates Towers branch located on the 1st floor of Jumeirah Emirates Towers and you really feel like part of the family. I always ask for my regular hairdresser Roland and book for the morning slots where it's quiet and you can relax through the whole experience from parking to the salon treatments. It's about 120aed for a cut but it's the personal touches that make this worth every dirham. 1847 take their time, you feel relaxed and in a way like the haircut they give you is the only one of the day. The small talk is good and the quality of the service is outstanding. Once a month I also get a hot shave which is a must do for all the guys out there. It's not scary at all and the process and technique the 1847 team use minimizes redness and the dreaded after pimples! Really you feel like a new man with the closest shave you'll have this side of the Arabian Gulf. The chicks dig it so get it done a few days before your big night out and boom! I've also had a massage at this location and the rooms are super clean and the lady masseuses are great. I had a Thai lady and it was a traditional Thai massage which was awesome. Their massage tables are also very comfortable as some of them can tend to get a bit uncomfortable near the Adams' apple! I have to be clear here though...this is a luxury, premium men's grooming salon so asking for any additional service will put you exactly where you deserve, on your ass outside. If you don't have a man cave, garage or little place you can escape, do yourself a favour and treat yourself to the 1847 men's salon service. Relax and Enjoy!

$$$ $$

 Dubai, UAE
1847 Mens Salon

A shave/haircut at 1847 is one of those little pleasures I really enjoy. I don't do it all the time, but it's kind of become my pre-vacation routine to go for a beard trim/shave and haircut before I travel. For half an hour to 45 minutes, you really feel like you're being taken care of. Highly professional staff, very clean environment, and great service is what you'll find here. AED 180 for the combo, so it's not cheap, but not outrageous either. I would recommend 1847 to any guy or to any lady who's looking for a nice gift for her man. They also do sports pedicures/manicures and massages (at certain branches).

$$$$ $

 Dubai, UAE
1847 Mens Salon

Honestly it is probably the best shave experience in Dubai. A couple things why this place is great:

1- It always clean and really nice
2-The barbers hands don't smell like cigarettes like all the other barber places in Dubai so when they are shaving you I don't want to puke.
3- It is not just a shave, all the other stuff they pamper you with is great.
4-For what you get it is really not that expensive, around 65AED if I remember correctly.

$$$ $$

1847 Mens Salon

my booss gave me a chirtmas voucher gift for a full spa here and my experience was awesome! the massage is so relaxing and I almost feel asleep. I don't understand theother spa treatments given to with oil and stuff but that was really a treat for myself. foot spa and facial treatment really a plus.

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