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Emergency Roadside Assistance is exactly what the name implies – an Emergency service rendered by the official AAA Roadside Assistance throughout UAE and GCC 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. AAA is a company managed professionally at all levels. Our Operations department, including the centralized Control Room is manned by qualified, experienced, well trained and above all customer oriented multi-lingual service representatives.

2 Reviews

AAA Road Assistance

This is an amazing service if you drive alot and don't want the hassle of dealing with flat tires, dead batteries etc. When I used to do a sales job where I had to drive to AD a lot... I can remember two times when AAA saved my life....once I locked my keys in my car, stranded in AD and the other time I left the lights on over night.....dead! This is also great for your kids, new drivers etc. The piece of mind is awesome I'm sure.

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 Dubai, UAE
AAA Road Assistance

I received my complimentary subscription to AAA Road Assistance (GOLD), when I renewed my car insurance through Rakbank - Oman Insurance. Must I say that I am thoroughly pleased with myself I chose AAA.... here's why... On 3 occasions during the last year, I rang up their help line, and they reached me within 40 minutes and helped me out... Here are the 3 embarassing moments I had on the road during 2011 in UAE 1) I ran out of petrol on shaikh zayed road! (Yeah, really!) , Helpful AAA truck carried my car to the nearest petrol station. Thanks a ton. 2) My tire ran flat at dragon mart . I couldnt change it myself, because .... it was too tight? or I had changed tyres myself just about twice before... voila! AAA arrives and changed it for me, whilst i waited in his car :) 3) My car battery died in Qusais right infront of VLCC... and just wouldnt start. AAA to the rescue again ..... Jump started my car ... and offered me a new battery... In all 3 cases, help arrived within 40 minutes. Thoroughly pleased. Very friendly service. Remember to keep your membership card in your car and quote it when you call their helpline.. .its much easier :)

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