Arabian Sea Shell Cafeteria

Arabian Sea Shell Cafeteria

Landmark: Near Al Ameer Pharmacy,P.O.Box: 72306,Jumeirah Beach Road, Jumeirah 3
5.0 star rating 2 Reviews
$ - Bargain
  Work Hours: Sat - Fri (9:00 AM - 3:00 AM)
Payments: Credit/Debit Cards
Parking: Street

About this business

We make life Fresh & Tasty...... For over 25 years, Seashell Cafeteria has been serving UAE quality food at affordable prices. With high standards, you can depend on your dining experience to be wholesome and satiating for the entire family. Quick moving serving counters and the fresh and tasty mean you get home style freshness faster than in a traditional cafeteria. See for yourself why Sea Shell has stood the test of time. You are in for a treat!. Almost anyone can serve food and fruit juices,

2 Reviews

Arabian Sea Shell Cafeteria

Looking for cheap eats? Students? or a cheap hangout with friends?
Sea Shell is the best cafeteria to visit. Its not only cheap but also serves good quality food , clean and appropriate quantity. Their felafel sandwich is simply the best! They add the special Mexican and garlic sauce, fries and salad along with the felafels and it is a big sandwich for the price. Apart from this their shawarmas, fresh juices and sandwich platters are worth a mention too. Been having from here since school days and they haven't changed their quality and their staff too.
Anytime you go there is rush. Also in this sweltering heat if you don't want to get down from your car, just honk outside the cafe and a server will come running to you for order. That's what we mostly do and that cuts down on the waiting time too. Must visit if you haven't been here already!


Arabian Sea Shell Cafeteria

This place makes the BEST and the FRESHEST juices in Dubai! We pulled up just outside the cafe - the guy comes out of the restaurant with the menu and takes your order while you sit in the car (it was bizarre to me but my friend said this is how these dudes roll) and then bring your order to you few minutes later. They serve food here too but we just ordered juice. They have all sorts of funky names for the cocktails "burj al arab" "titanic" to name a few. All super super deliciously fresh and best thing about this place? The price is right between 9-12AED max for a fresh juice compared to 38AED i have seen at other restaurants. Love this place!!


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