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Al Quoz
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$$$ - Mid-Range
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Biella Caffe Pizzeria Ristorante is famous for its Italian cuisine...

3 Reviews


Good Samples only - the food is fresh but not good value for money I had a small piece of Hamour fish for almost 80, I can pay some more and enjoy a seafood night at Atlantis

$$$$ $

 Dubai, UAE

we like starters, the best would be Bruschetta as that contains an amazing tasteful basil and garlic pesto along with tomato icing.The servers are very friendly and always provide valuable suggestion. My fav is the Parmesan Risotto which is Italian rice baked with Parmesan cheese. A wholesome meal for a family can be easily found here. The manager of this venue is also nice enough to always give us a free ice cream for my son after our meal is done with.

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When I am tired and craving something to warm my soul, I head over to Times Square, which is normally a bit out of the way for me, just to sit at the quiet peaceful branch of Biella there and order a cup of tomato soup! I have found that the most obvious of places you don't even look at normally sometimes have really good meal options! Biella has the best tomato soup I have tried in Dubai, and they serve it with olive bread that's so rustically Italian that it makes me want to take a trip to Rome! A spinach pasta pocket in the soup and the fresh mint olive oil dressing they garnish it with just makes it the perfect soup to give your energy levels a healthy boost, especially if you are having the 'Dubai flu' caused by the heavy air-conditioning all over the place that just kills me sometimes!

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