Cafe Bateel

DIFC; Sheikh Zayed Road
4.0 star rating 4 Reviews
$$$ - Mid-Range
  Work Hours: Sun - Thu (7:00 AM - 9:00 PM)
  Special Work Hours: Sat & Fri (9:00 AM - 6:00 PM)
Payments: Credit/Debit Cards
Meals Served

About this business

Bateel café's are located in these premium commercial and residential districts. Offering a unique and innovative range of gourmet foods and beverages, the Cafe Bateel menu embodies the ancient Umbrian culinary heritage, famous for its natural and healthy cuisine, and a rich tradition of Arabian hospitality. The result, a mouthwatering selection of food and beverages that soothe the palate and provide energy and nutrition for a busy and healthy modern lifestyle.

4 Reviews

 Dubai, UAE
Cafe Bateel

This is the best Bateel in my opinion. On the balcony @ DIFC it's easy to enjoy it at the weekend or during office hours - coffee is great / the cooked breakfasts (scrambled egg & parmesan) I love and the they always give a date with your coffee too. Valuewise it's pretty good too as 70 aed will leave you feeling like you've had a great start to the day

$$$ $$

Cafe Bateel

My favorite Bateel. The lentil soup is amazing and I had it the first time at DIFC. A little expensive for an everyday lunch but good for coffee breaks if you work in the area or quick meetings outside the office. The outside area of this Bateel is very good and it's a great place to relax and read the paper while enjoying coffee.

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Cafe Bateel

Official lunch-ing place for most people who work at Stan Chart. The coffee is brilliant and the staff will make it exactly the way you like it without making a fuss. Try the Raspberry Financier muffin, one of the best i've ever eaten... perfectly balanced. The menu gets creative, infusing labneh and other traditional arab ingridients in the pasta. The Gnocchi is breathtaking! So is the Smoked Salmon bagel. The mint lemonade is worth a try.

$$$$ $

Cafe Bateel

Great spot for breakfast or lunch. Located in DIFC, it's packed during lunch so expect to wait 5-10 minutes for a table.

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