Marina Walk; Dubai Marina
Dubai Marina
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$$$ - Mid-Range
  Work Hours: Sat - Fri (10:00 AM - 2:00 AM)
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Shisha and coffee specialist on Marina Walk

7 Reviews

 Dubai, UAE

It was already around midnight and we were so hungry but the "eat all you can" at ITSU Dubai Marina is only until 11pm so we decided to walk around and check what we can get for a nice late dinner. One Egyptian guy just stopped us and invited us to check their menu. He is the Asst. Manager on this restaurant, Chandelier, Lebanese Restaurant. At first we asked them if they really served a a good menu and he is said, absolutely so we were convinced to try their food. We ordered falafel with bread as appetizer and it took them only 10 mins to served the amazing Falafel - it was really delish from your first bite until the last thing that you will imagine. It was crunchy on the outside and really tasty inside with this sesame seeds on top of it. Just 2 mins after we finished the falafel, they are already fixing our table again to serve the mix grill, it was massive. This mix grill is good for one person as per the waiter but when they served it... its really good for two persons.. LOLS. We tried all the meat from that plate and it was really tasty, juicy and you will taste all the spices that they mixed on it. The chicken from that plate is our most favorite. We finished our dinner with this lovely chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream on the side. This was really amazing cake - soft and yummy. Really perfect with the ice cream on the side. It blends the sweetness all together.

The experience was really awesome although its a little bit pricey but really worth it to pay for a fantastic meal.

$$$ $$

 Dubai, UAE

I 100% agree with Livewire's comment. The food actually IS good, but come on - those prices are ridiculous. I struggle to understand why Shisha costs more than 15AED anywhere in the world but have come to terms with the usual 35-45AED pricetag in the Marina. However, these guys charge 57AED and 15AED for Coke in a can. Shisha and service is just average and when waiters tell you that they don't have change for 100AED, I'll never set foot in a place again.


 Dubai, UAE

OK, the food is good, I won't lie. And the terrace overlooking the jumping fountains (and the screaming kids) is really nice. But this place is SO OVERPRICED. It's so not worth it. Nice if you're trying to impress someone, I guess. But you'll get better food and better service for the same price anywhere else in the Marina, so why bother?

$$$$ $


Went there as a friend was organizing a get together.. for 80 or 100 dhs, we got an amazing deal of a lot of appetizers and entrees... hummus (my standard for arabic food) was excellent, and the fattoush too... we had at least 5 other dishes, i was so stuffed. the other little bites like falafel, salads, grilled meats was soooo good. service was fast, pleasant, and extremely affordable in my opinion. u have the option of doing shisha too, so thats always a plus in this area for shisha lovahs.

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This is an amazing arabic restaurant in Marina. Great dishes, very clean place, very nice outdoor setting when weather permits. Not outrageous but not cheap but you pay for quality...little things like extra pinenuts in salads etc (those are expensive) and very large portions. I think it's a great place, the staff is great...shisha is nothing too special, go for food.

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Day time or night time, this is one of the best places on the marina walk to come for lebanese food and shisha. I have been coming here for the past 5 years and never been disappointed and make it down at least twice a week. Love watching the kids playing in the fountains behind the circular staged seating. Not one of the cheapest places but worth it for the quality. In the summer they have to tent up the outdoor area to make it bearable and its not the same so enjoy the outdoor Dubai ambiance whilst you can now, I hear the heatwave is on its way.

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md007 Hey !! just like to know if Ice Shisha is available and what is price for Shisha ?

27/08/2012 - Report


I cannot physically believe I'm the first person to review this place. A fellow reviewer took here and I was stunned at the very "undubai" feel of it. Literally transports you to a romantic, chilly, dimly lit....almost candlelit place right on the banks of the Marina that it's really just amazing. Shisha, stunningly high quality Arabic food that rivals anything I've had here in Dubai...or anywhere besides my grandma's kitchen table.....I will for sure be coming back.

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