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Choithrams is today a successful group with associates in diverse fields like wholesaling, commodity brokerage, and manufacturing of edible and non-edible items. This rich association brings to the group a huge bank of experience and resources. Choithrams came to UAE in 1974 and has grown to a retail chain with over 25 supermarkets in the emirates.

2 Reviews


This is a very large supermarket for the area. The selection in all choithrams is so much more varied than Spinney's and this one is a real gem. It's a bit of a pain to get to and park at if you don't live walking distance but it's a great place to come for a nearby work lunch, then pop in for some essentials and parking is free if you are under an hour or two I'm not sure which but it's alway free for me. They also have the largest gum selection I've ever seen lol.

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This is my local supermarket in the Greens and a total lifesaver. I go in about 5 times per week and even though it's relatively small, there is a great selection of stuff whether it's electrical goods, towels, fruit n veg, meat, even a pork section. The seafood guy knows me and prepares peeled prawns for me. Choithrams wins hands down in the fresh meat department with loads of marinated cuts perfect for impromptu BBQs. Lovely bakery as well. Overall a great local shop to have.

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