Dubai Driving Center

Dubai Driving Center

Opps. Dubai Dry Docks, Near Port Rashid, Jumairah Road, Dubai, UAE
Bur Dubai
2.0 star rating 4 Reviews
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About this business

Dubai Driving Center was established in 2003 with a mission to teach the public the very highest standard in International Driver Training practices. The Management has expanded great in growing the organization making it one of the leading Learner Driving Institutes in Dubai. Dubai Driving Center is the ideal place to train to pass your test in Dubai in all categories of vehicle, such as Motorcycle, Car, Truck, Heavy Bus, Shovel and Forklift, etc...

4 Reviews

 Dubai, UAE
Dubai Driving Center

this is the worst driving institute
whenever you called them, they will never attend and if they attend they will not giving you proper answer.
instructor are also not very good in this institute
worst institute


Dubai Driving Center

This school is the worst!

They are just taking people's money. And most of the instructors and office staff their doesn't have proper manners for the people. I failed my assessment test twice, and the assessor recommended that i go through 8 classes for both, 1st time i paid 500 aed for the 8 classes and the exam, but i was shock when they ask me to pay 700 aed for the same next 8 classes and exam. I tried to ask them why the sudden change of prices? They could not explain properly what happened. I just paid it just to take again the assessment test.
After passing my assessment, i went for the scheduling of my final road test, but to my surprise, they scheduled me for Signal Test which is not on the list that of what you have to pass according to RTA. (Yard Test, Assessment Test and Final Road test are the only test required by RTA)


And also they will schedule you first for 2 hour high way class before you take the final road exam. Which is just crazy. Other schools will only allow you to take high way class IF you finish/pass the final road exam.

These people will do anything just to rip you off your precious time and money. They will invent their own exams/test just for them to benefit from you while you suffer.

If you are looking for a driving school please don't go to this one.
I would recommend Ghaladari Driving school. My wife learned a lot and passed easily. Only this school also allows 2hrs classes per day.


Dubai Driving Center

Dubai Driving Center is the worst customer oriented driving center.
My wife had opened a file in DDC five years back.
She had attended 40 classes and took test and she failed.
Then after taking 24 classes and giving 3 additional test she failed.
So she discontinued the class for around 4 years.
Then last week she thought about renewing the file.
She made the payment and she was asked to take the signal test again.
She was not informed about the changes in the system and she took the signal test she again failed.
Note that she didn't had any previous experience of driving in any other nation.
The worst part of it the customer service team was the most horrible one she have met in UAE.


 Dubai, UAE
Dubai Driving Center

I got my driving lessons from Dubai Driving. They have good instructors. My instructor focused on training me at roundabouts, which I was very weak at. They have made several adjustments in the timings to suit my schedule. I give my credit to my trainer for my license.


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