Dubai Medical College for Girls DMCG

Dubai Medical College for Girls DMCG

P.O.BOX: 20170, Dubai Medical College for Girls, Al Muhaisanah 1
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Dubai Medical College DMCG is committed to provide students with medical education to obtain an accredited degree of Bachelor in Medicine and Surgery in the U.A.E.Dubai Medical College for Girls is the first private college awarding degree of Medicine & Surgery in the U.A.E. Girls in U.A.E are offered the chance to serve their country in the medical field and they successfully utilize this opportunity.

1 Review

 Abu Dhabi, UAE
Dubai Medical College for Girls DMCG

it #$%^&*s!!!! they fail whom ever they want to and they pass whom ever they wish to pass... and doctors do not help at all with grading... they would rather fail a student than pass her by a few marks..
and the timings #$%^&*! specially if u fail a subject!! u have to sit your whole summer and start regretting and studying and crying ... just to get a pass !! (that is.. if the doctors give it to u!)
it really sux!!

$$$$ $

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