Dubai Turtle Rehabilitation Project

Dubai Turtle Rehabilitation Project

Mina Al Salam
Umm Suqeim
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Dubai’s only turtle rehabilitation project is a collaboration between Jumeirah and The Wildlife Protection Office, with essential veterinary support provided by Dubai Falcon Clinic & Central Veterinary Research Laboratory.

2 Reviews

Dubai Turtle Rehabilitation Project

I came out to watch the turtles being released last weekend and it was amazing. I am so glad there are charities and places like this for marine wild life in Dubai. They did an excellent job and there were hundreds of people supporting it. Definitely going to try and get involved.


 Dubai, UAE
Dubai Turtle Rehabilitation Project

Two of my close friends have been taking active part in this project for few years now and i feel so very proud of them! If you are a nature lover and you are passionate about sea and you believe that every good natured effort counts you should rise early tomorrow on Friday and show your support at Mina Salam Beach where hundreds of baby Hawksbill turtles will be released back into the warm waters of the gulf. By the way, MORE cafe sells baby turtle toys if you like to sponsor and adopt one! You should!


Asmaahsan1974 I am married to a TURTLE. can't adopt another. The only reason I keep my husband is his good looks. :P But seriously, this project is remarkable. I was sorry I couldn't make it to the event. Hope it worked out well. Will look up pics.

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