Ellyssar Ladies Beauty Salon

Suite # 105, Eissa Tower, same building as Pizza Hut, Sheikh Zayed Road
Trade Centre
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We are a full service salon operating in Dubai UAE since 1999 offering you everything from a basic haircut, skin care needs, or an exotic spa experience. Escape from everyday stress with our body wrap, a complete body treatment from head to toe

2 Reviews

 Dubai, UAE
Ellyssar Ladies Beauty Salon

Horrible experience! It was an awful day of my life! I was waiting 1 hour for my appoitement, because it was another lady inside of beautishian room who came without promotion! I decided to not loose time and made a manicure..It was my biggest mistake! All the stuff was so dirty, so I was close to get up and go out because it was impossible to see how dirty lady with very dirty nails making me manicure! All the ladies was russian exept this who made a manicure for me and they was looking on me every time and talking! BEAUTISHIAN was so economy, she didnt even used any brand product and put maybe 1ml of the mask to not spend more of her awful quality products! Never will go again! Highly unrecomended!


Ellyssar Ladies Beauty Salon

I should mention that I have been to over 10 salons with cobones & almost always had the best service. NOT in this case. Few things I should comment on, not only was the staff very uptight, angry and did not say a single word to me through out the whole Gelish/Shellac process. 1. They did not wash my hands nor feet before putting on manicure or after. Not even a wet wipe! 2. They did not give me the promise foot/hand scrub that was said in the voucher. 3. I requested french nail polish, she never asked if they should be straight lines or curves, she did them as she wished. 4. ANY Nail beauty expert does not file and cut cuticles AFTER applying nail polish!! Not only that but she was doing all her work in super speed so it was a horrible job! 5. Their equipment that they used did not look like they were cleaned very often! I went to a separate salon a few days later and had the Gelish nail polish removed because it turned out HORRIBLE. absolutely the worst nail experience of my life!

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