Exhale Fitness Studio

Exhale Fitness Studio

Murjan 1, Plaza Level, Jumeirah Beach Residence
Jumeirah Beach Residence
2.0 star rating 3 Reviews
$$$ - Mid-Range
  Work Hours: Sat - Fri (8:00 AM - 8:00 PM)
Payments: Credit/Debit Cards
Parking: Private, Street
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About this business

Exhale Fitness Studio in Dubai has taken on the serious business of yoga, pilates, and feel good fitness  to another level, coupling together the benefits of the classes with beautiful and elegant surroundings.

We believe that every woman needs a place she can escape to that makes her feel, simply, good. Great. Relaxed. Energised.

A place where it's not about the husband, work, traffic, kids, groceries, rent, boyfriend. It's just her.

3 Reviews

Exhale Fitness Studio

i ve been going there quit a lot, classes were fine, location was suitable for me and price reasonnable but since they ve been raising the price, its not worth it at all, classes are packed, i tough it was limited but its not, yoga suppose to be exercices but still need to relax, and annoy by the fact that teacher arent the same even when its mention that this class is with this teacher then always something came up and they switch with some other teacher so more convenient for them but not for us client , too bad it became low level now.


Exhale Fitness Studio

I started going to Exhale 4 years ago when i moved to Dubai because i lived in JBR. It was amazing, within 2 months i seen a massive change in my body. Unfortunately it has changed a lot in the last 3 years. I still recommend going to try it for a class or two but the instructors are all gone and the replacements are not as good. When I go there now I feel as if im being rushed into a class and its not personal at all. The trainers only pay attention to those who go every day and the random customer gets no attention. Motor city branch is def. the better option of the two.


Exhale Fitness Studio

I have to agree with Beth, the African Dance class at Exhale is fantastic.It’s been especially great during the summer since it hasn’t been as crowded as usual but I think that will change shortly.The thing that sets AD apart from other group classes like Combat or Attack is the variety.The instructor (Liris) is very professional and she changes the routine every week.No boredom here.It might be challenging to a newbie if you’ve never experienced learning choreography before, but the focus is on fun so it doesn’t really matter.Unfortunately, I’ve tried a few other classes at this studio and haven’t enjoyed them as much.I also have to mention the facility.It’s HOT in the room, reaching 30 degrees at times with 27 being pretty standard.Very uncomfortable.Mgmt insists the AC is working but I suspect otherwise.Not cool.


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