Film and Comic Con

Mina Seyahi Hall, Dubai International Marine Club,
Al Sufouh
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The Middle East Film & Comic Con (MEFCC) is the only consumer event for fans of cult entertainment & popular culture in the Middle East. Launched as consistent outlet for the many thousands of fans in the region and to support both the media, licensing and entertainment industry as well as encouraging a new generation of artists, writers, directors and entrepreneurs within the entertainment & artistic field.

4 Reviews

Film and Comic Con

Kudos to those who brought this event to Dubai. Especially getting the big names like Jason Momoa and the others they did. Would have been cool for a better area to have a panel/interview sesssion though - like an auditorium. The layout of the venue made for a poor flow of foot traffic - just something to think about for next time. Cool to see so many geeks in their element. More cosplayers next year!


Film and Comic Con

I went dressed as "America" from the Anime Hetalia, it was loads of fun. Lots of local artists from the region were there advertising their work, as an amature manga artist I hope to have my very own stand one day to display my artwork in one of the future ME comic cons. Some of my favorite artists like Brown Monkeys were there and lots of great cosplays. They had a big stage outside, and a tent with lots of bean bags and sofas. However, I would've made it an air conditioned, closed tent if I were the management. The one thing I recall first and foremost about that day is that it was viciously hot. That, and the fact that food and drinks were very overpriced. Me and my friends bought 4 small bottles of orange juice for 80 AED. A sandwich, a bottle of water and a couple cokes came up to 125 AED. I don't know about you, but to me that's absolutely rediculous and for next year we'll surely just pack our own drinks in advance :) Highlights: Live musical performance by NICOTIENE, improv comedy group (Forgot their name), Cosplay Competition, very affordable entrance fee (50 AED) Lets not forget all the awesome merchandise sold, it was great to look at however had to only pick out a couple items. Because even those were rather overpriced. Action figures and plushies were 3x their price on ebay. Not very consumer friendly, imo. However, being the first of its kind in the region, it deffinately was a success and I look forward to next year's comic con :)


DreWerD7 omg nice blonde hair!!!!!

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Noir Mayhem

Noir Mayhem Thanks :P

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Film and Comic Con

The first of its kind in the UAE, and well worth a visit. All sorts of authentic costumes were seen walking around mingling with the crowd, noticably the MEN IN BLACK, promoting MIB 3 coming around in a while. There were stalls with local and international talents promoting their artistic endeavours(I bought a WARRIOR U Tshirt from a very bright young Emirati designer), and there was a seperate section for FREEJ, a very popular local cartoon that depicts the local arabic culture! There was a seperate little arrangement were you could go and hear the interviews of film and comic writers and could interact with them in the question and answer session. Lots of food and beverages available, and the general atmosphere was relaxed and enjoyable. Inside the main hall you could buy all sorts of comic books and comic based action figures. The kids loved it, and I also found it very interesting! I hope the next convention is bigger and more detailed than this one.


 Dubai, UAE
Film and Comic Con

The 1st Comic Con in Dubai was fabulous! Excellent event and very well attended with a mixture of nationalities and ages. Loads of people made an effort to dress up and the Cosplay competition was funny. Interesting to see the many artists upstairs, many of whom were Emirati's. We bought some merchandise and enjoyed chilling out in the garden area. Can't wait to see what's in-store next year!


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