Galadari Motor Driving Center

Galadari Motor Driving Center

Near Old Grand Shopping Mall, Al Quoz Industrial Area 1
Al Quoz
2.0 star rating 4 Reviews
$$$ - Mid-Range

About this business

GMDC is largest and most successful driving centre in the United Arab Emirates & has been in operation since 2004 owned by a reputed business entrepreneurs Mr. Ilyas and Mustafa Galadari from a well known business family with many other successful group of companies.

4 Reviews

Galadari Motor Driving Center

Very bad school, they don't pass any one easily, no matter how much proficient you are in driving. yesterday i gave my 8 test, i am trying since last year 15-06-2014.
dried good 3 times at least but they did't pass. i think school and RTA examiners have deal, not to pass so that school can earn good money. I am very sad for this kind of people, because i am an indian and earning hardly Dhs 2000, i spent almost Dhs 12000 still don't have licence, May god give them good hidayah.

$ $$$$

zetaxi165 If they are a very bad school, why have you rated them 4 stars???????

10/06/2014 - Report


Galadari Motor Driving Center

I would never ever in my life would recommend this driving center !!
i have been in the main office for the past 2 months and i regret for choosing this galadari group .. RTA examiners (ladies) are horrible ! i feel like there's a rule that they wont make us pass in the first road test. in my personal opinion, i believe that there is partiality to giving license to the locals. no matter how nicely i drove in that test, that lady was making reasons to make me fail ! and the transportation is horrible. never a value for money !! i would suggest belhasa or ddc !


onedirectioner no !! i have my second test on this sunday :) not most schools ... bt galadari is certainly :/

19/08/2013 - Report


Hunter just to add not Galadari school is a bad one,the thing is 99% of driving school are nightmare,u never pass from first exam,people are passing 3 ++ test some reach 10

21/08/2013 - Report


 Dubai, UAE
Galadari Motor Driving Center

I wouldn't recommend this center, thier customer service is bad and thier transporation to the center is terrible. I had to travel for two hours to reach the place while thier bus was picking up other people from all over Dubai. When i wanted to change to another school they asked me to go to thier main office in Qusais to take my file cause i cant withdraw my file from the branch i signed in as per thier policy. When i asked to speak to thier Manager over the phone thier answer was "THE MANAGER IS BUSSY AND YOU HAVE TO COME TO SPEAK WITH HIM !!!) what kind of service is that??!!

$$ $$$

 Dubai, UAE
Galadari Motor Driving Center

Galadary driving School is the best driving School for any nationality people , they have well driving teachers & very good condition Cars for training, they are performing good justice on test . this is my personal experience with Galadary motor driving School.

Honest Gal

Honest Gal i need more reviews to believe your statement

20/03/2013 - Report


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