German Dental Center

Fortune Tower, Flat 2605,P.O. Box 450566 Jumeira Lakes Towers Dubai
JLT Jumeirah Lake Towers
5.0 star rating 4 Reviews
$$ - Affordable
 +971 4 4495335
Payments: Credit/Debit Cards
Parking: Private

About this business

The German Dental Center JLT utilises the latest techniques in cosmetic, implant, orthodontic, pedodontic and prosthodontic dentistry to transform a person's smile. We provide the highest quality of dental care possible at affordable prices when compared with other specialists in Dubai. Our patient's find our staff friendly and our waiting room comfortable.

4 Reviews

 Dubai, UAE
German Dental Center

I become a big fan of DR. Hamdy as well (Dr. Hamdy who runs German Dental clinic in JLT)! I did a loooong search online for a good dentist in Dubai (no, i didn't want "cheap" but i wanted a PROFESSIONAL dental treatment for a reasonable price) & when i read the review by Justine/above, i was like: "Ha! nothing is free in Dubai, this can't be true! " (C'mon, you've got to pay even to ride on dubai roads- Saliks! )
But still i checked out his profile online - it looked excellent, so i decided to go & see him, not because i hoped for a free treatment LOL :)) I wanted a professional consultation for my painful gums + I also live in JLT ( 5 min walk distance to his office ;-) )
So I went... and that evening I knew - i won't search for another dentist coz i found a fantastic one - Dr. Hamdy:
in 2 days I had 1 Free filling ( i swear, i didn't ask for it, yeah, with anesthesia and BiiiiG filling and all that stuff - he said it was a Happy Hour! thats why free! LOL :))
And on my first visit - when i just walked from home with no wallet, no documents, only for a consultation (since receptionist said consultation was free) he looked & said it was an abscess of 1 tooth; as a DOCTOR he wouldn't let me go back home with an abscess! He made an Xray, cleaned the abscess, did a root canal treatment (i felt immediate relief from pain) & only then let me go home! and said i can pay him next time if/when i go back to him?!! huh? he didn't even ask for a guarantee? (no deposit, no documents) this is who i call a True Doctor. he is different.
I know this might sound like an advert, but this is a true recommendation by a thankful patient. I already told all my friends about him. go just for a consultation, then you'll see ;)

$$ $$$

 Dubai, UAE
German Dental Center

Dr. Hamdy is a great guy!! 2 days ago, one of my zircon crowns (which I had made in another country) fell off . So I went to a dentist on beach road that I used to know. He looked at the crown and quoted me AED600 to glue it back (as they said the glue for porcelain crowns are very expensive) and AED5,000 to make a new one. So just by chance I saw the comments about German Dental Center (GDC) here so I thought I'd call for a 2nd quotation. To my surprise, GDC said don't charge for re-cementing crowns regardless if the crown is made by them or anyone else. So I showed up in 30 min and Dr. Hamdy fixed me in less than 10 min. I wanted to pay him something but he insisted it was their policy and I should give the money to someone less fortunate. Also their quotation for a new Zircon crown is only AED2,500 but he said I should first check with my old dentist to see if mine is still on warranty.

$ $$$$

smeg Wow, this a great story and so glad you found the German Dental Center through the Yadig community. Dr Hamdy sounds like a real gentleman in the industry

13/11/2013 - Report

 Dubai, UAE
German Dental Center

Good morning everybody, i want to share my experience with the doctor Dr. Hamdy, he is great, his work is great, i did not believe when he told me khalas i finished... i am really happy with the work he did, he speaks many languages also, the rates also are amazing... the clinic is beautiful, i would strongly recommend it to you...

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 Dubai, UAE
German Dental Center

I'm really happy to be there, such a cool clinic with great people around.
Dr. Hamdy is the best dentist i have been. Great rates as well.


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