Gourmet Burger Kitchen

DIFC; Near Emirates Towers; Level B1, Unit 4 The Gate West Retail
2.0 star rating 3 Reviews
$$ - Affordable
  Work Hours: Sat - Fri (9:00 AM - 10:00 PM)
Payments: Credit/Debit Cards
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About this business

Gourmet Burger Kitchen is all about the burger. Burgers are great and always beautifully presented by the friendly and helpful staff. GBK is all about fresh and quality ingredients cooked to order in a casual, fun setting. With no microwave ovens in sight, you'll find eating at GBK a genuinely heartwarming experience.

3 Reviews

 Abu Dhabi, UAE
Gourmet Burger Kitchen

Having been to DIFC several times, always used to pass by this place but never really got a chance to try it out. Finally got around to visiting the place a few weeks back. The place is decent. Ambiance is good. Having no clue as to what to order, ended up ordering the Avocado and Bacon burger. It was good with a strong taste of the avocado which was to my liking. The Bacon was alright. Decent sized burger. To compliment the burger added a Chocolate Milk Shake which was very good. Its a decent joint but not much to brag about!

$$$ $$

AbuDhabiStu How would you say place stacks up against Burger fuel and Shake shack? That's what I wanna know....there's so many out there now...

10/07/2013 - Report


ajoypm Not worthy to compare it against Burger Fuel. Burger Fuel was one of the best i have ever had..

10/07/2013 - Report

 Dubai, UAE
Gourmet Burger Kitchen

Medium-well cheeseburger = charcoal-coated shoe leather with a tiny bit of cheese. Probably the worst burger I've had in Dubai. Seriously, a Whopper is better.

$ $$$$

Gourmet Burger Kitchen

When I walked in, I saw a sign that read, "award winning place!" Maybe it was the excitement from the sign and the elevated expectations, but I thought this place kinda sucked.

$$ $$$

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