Asiana Hotel; Al Salahuddin Road, Deira
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$$ - Affordable
  Work Hours: Sat - Fri (12:00 PM - 11:00 PM)
Payments: Credit/Debit Cards
Parking: Street

About this business

Acozy Japanese resto Hanabi in Asiana Hotel, enjoy sushi, sashimi, wasabi, etc is on the house. For a truly memorable Japanese cuisine experience consisting of traditional Japanese dishes with a fusion twist, look no further than Hanabi, Asiana Hotel’s Japanese restaurant that promises an authentic gourmet experience within a modern and trendy setting.

3 Reviews


Hanabi is a Japanese restaurant inside the Asiana Hotel in Deira across from Reef Mall. Typically I don't travel to Deira often to go out, but it only took me 20 mins from Media City. The Asiana hotel has 5 Asian restaurants that cover Korean and Japanese cuisine. I came to Hanabi for a lunch meeting yesterday and was impressed. The lunch bento box special is great value at AED 75. It includes sushi, sashimi, tempura, grilled salmon, miso soup, a few other Japanese delicacies (don't know what they're called) and a desert with ice cream. It's a lot of food and the quality is very good. The service was spot on and the restaurant has tatami rooms which are great for groups. I also noticed that there were only Asians dining which is always a good sign. I'm looking forward to trying out the other Asian restaurants that the Asiana HOtel has to offer.

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Hunter @Danielle its a Tuna carving (wrong dictation) : they bring a whole tuna fish and carving in front of people by theyr signed Japanese chef,as per my freind its worth a try.

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CherryPie Hey Hunter - That sounds awesome!

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Hanabi Japanese Restaurant has got to be the nicest Japanese spot in Old Dubai by far if not the whole city. First thing I noticed is very nice wooden chopsticks, not the disposable papery ones that many fine establishments stupidly use (ZUMA uses disposable chopsticks, boggles my mind). Simply fantastic quality cuts of fish..very clean and modern decor. The staff is super nice and well informed about what they are serving which is very rare in Dubai. I came last night for a special evening of Tuna Carving by the resident Master Chef and he did not disappoint. It was spectacular to see this guy chop away at what looked like at least a 50kilo Yellow Fin Tuna with ease. After the show the food started arriving and I must have eaten 8 different kinds of raw tuna dishes and it never got old. Each one was fantastic but by far the Sashimi cuts were the best tuna I have ever had in my life. It literally melted and exploded with flavor in my mouth and I wasn't even drunk :) 179 for all you can drink and like an 8 course tuna dinner. Unreal.

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 Dubai, UAE

Came here last weekend with a big group of friends for dinner. We were planning to just have japanese dinner and ended up being sold on their dinner buffet offer which included all three restaurants: Hanabi, Yuraku and Sonamu, the korean place... It's 220 for nonalcoholic and 270 with alcohol. I couldn't have korean - way too spicy for me, but i did try both japanese and chinese. Sashimi was very fresh and tempura, didn't think much of their sushi rolls, it might be better on a regular night. Chinese was probably the best with pekin duck a real star. Few people tried deserts and they were apparently just okay. The place was very busy that day and it looked like 95% of visitors were asian, atmosphere was great and staff super helpful. I would give it another try sometime maybe.

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