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The Westin Dubai Mina Seyahi Beach Resort & Marina
Al Sufouh
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Hunters Room and Grill is a feast on the finest aged grain-fed beef at the lively and stylish Hunter's Room & Grill, bringing the authentic taste of the big country to your plate.

7 Reviews

 Dubai, UAE
Hunters Room and Grill

For the price it was not worth. I mean the steaks were around 300AED so when I pay that type of money I expect a monster steak and it to be was not. The service was painful as well, we had to repeat everything like 20 times. I mean nothing came out wrong its they kept forgetting stuff. When dinner is 500aed a person, with drinks, you expect excellent service and amazing food. Hunters room and Grill if compared to Ruth's Chris is nowhere the quality nor atmosphere. If we were sitting inside, which we weren't I think i would have been depressed.

I had the sirloin and a side of bone marrow which the bone marrow looked like it came from a was huge. They we ok, just not worth the money in terms of the overall package...ambiance, service, quality.

$$$$ $

Hunters Room and Grill

went 3 times in the hunter restaurant, first i really like it, the meat, fact that they serve foie gras even if not the best, the choice of sauces, musard, and french side dishes , thats why i like it and want it to go back, second time was a bit disapointing, they cook and quality of the meat wasnt good, then the third time it seems that i forgot my impression from the 2nd time but then quickly remember when i receive my order and also see the impression of my guests and family so will not go back, wish that they keep it up like my first impression, so i can go back , this place is close to my house and i like westin hôtel, too bad this restaurant isnt good as it was for me.

$$$$ $

 Dubai, UAE
Hunters Room and Grill

Didn't enjoy this place at all. The Rib-eye steak was not as well marbled and the taste after cooking showed it to be more chewy than it should be. There are plenty of good steak places in Dubai and we only went here as we had some vouchers. Not again.

$$$$ $

 Dubai, UAE
Hunters Room and Grill

We had our company Christmas dinner here for the 2nd year in a row. We had a great meal last year so I was looking forward to the same again. Unfortunately, the experience was overall a big let down. I was drooling as my 300 Dhs 500g Porterhouse steak was plonked down in front of me. It took about 3 bites before I started to feel a bit ill from the obscene amount of salt that had been put on it. Initially I thought it was just me being a little precious, but 2 others had the same problem and ate half their steaks at the very most. I don't know if it was a new chef cooking our steaks or what happened, but it's simply unacceptable for an establishment like this and for the price they charge. I'd like to give them another try but Dubai is full of steak restaurants with great reputations that I haven't tried yet. Hopefully they can get to the bottom of the problem quickly for their own sake.


 Dubai, UAE
Hunters Room and Grill

Came to this place last night around 11:15pm, luckily, they still served us as I was soooo hungry and craving for a steak. We had the fried calamari, it is definitely an abundant choice. I had the fillet(bigger size), and my friend had the porterhouse steak. The fillet was not as good as I expected, somewhat flavorless. My friend let me try his porterhouse steak and it was better than what I had however, nothing really great about it other than the size. I used to come here for the past 3 years and I remember the food being somewhat better than it is now. I really like the different types of salts they put on your table, they all come in different colors, but I remember that the waiters used to explain which salt was which. I guess it was because we came in a bit late, but the service still should have the same quality as if we arrived at 8pm. Overall, I like this place, it has decent food, but it has gone down just a bit throughout the years. We had to ask for oil and balsamic, we poured our own water, and I even had to walk to the front to ask for the bill. The only time we were waited on was when they took our order and when they served the food, as no one checked on us at all. Come on guys, please provide some better service than this.

$$$$ $

 Dubai, UAE
Hunters Room and Grill

Went here the other night. For a steakhouse felt the selection wasn't that great and was a bit pricey. Compare to other steakhouses in town, I also felt the atmosphere was a bit bland and the side dishes (Mac and Cheese) was not all that good, despite rave reviews.

$$$$ $

Hunters Room and Grill

I went here for dinner last week as I was craving a steak. The restaurant was mostly empty as there were quite a few people sitting outdoors - this made it lack atmosphere somewhat, however, it was a pleasant setting. I chose a large 350gms fillet steak with mashed potatoes and peppercorn sauce. Steak was cooked to my liking and sides were superb. I didn't have room for dessert however, the waitress brought out some complimentary sweets from the chef which were lovely. Overall I may go back however, would choose a busy night to do so, so that there is more of a vibe.

$$$ $$

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