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Jamie's Italian Kitchen

Festival Centre, Dubai Festival City
Dubai Festival City
4.0 star rating 4 Reviews
$$$ - Mid-Range
  Work Hours: Sat - Wed (12:00 PM - 1:00 AM)
  Special Work Hours: Thu & Fri (12:00 PM - 11:59 PM)
Payments: Credit/Debit Cards

About this business

Jamie Oliver’s Italian restaurant chain is one of the catering businesses success stories in recent times with 15 restaurants all over the UK. The renowned Chef is now planning to repeat it’s success in Dubai by opening a restaurant at Festival Centre in Dubai Festival City, which already houses Dubai’s best food and beverage outlets.

4 Reviews

 Dubai, UAE
Jamie's Italian Kitchen

Great restaurant and vibe. The menu has many things to choose from and I particularly liked that it wasn't just pizza and pasta on offer. The fish dishes came highly recommended and the salads were great. Would go back very soon!

$$$ $$

Jamie's Italian Kitchen

This restaurant is tucked away inside DFC but is worth hunting out instead of eating in the food courts. In fact I've made the journey from "New Dubai" just to eat here. The restaurant is very un-Dubai, and isn't just any normal Italian - the dishes are really original and taste so fresh, especially the pasta. It's not that expensive either considering the quality and freshness, including their pasta which is made from scratch. Highly recommended to make a detour to this place.

$$$ $$

 Dubai, UAE
Jamie's Italian Kitchen

Wow, what a great place. Had dinner last night and they make the pasta fresh there every day. Amazing service too. The waiter actually knew the food and make some great recomendations. Best Ravioli I have had in Dubai. Well done. Only minus, NO BOOZ

$$$ $$

Jamie's Italian Kitchen

I was totally excited when I heard that Jamie Oliver has opened his restaurant here in Dubai.I have prepared myself to the casual rustic Italian eatery that has its fresh and unique flavors – which is what I got. But I promise that his cuteness factor will in no way have an effect on the verdict of his restaurant.The posh fries drizzle on truffle oil. Outcome – just get the normal fries and save a couple of AEDs. The Globe of Fried Rice Stuffed with Parmesan & Mushrooms aka the carb bomb. It’s a crunchy mass of this rice stuffed with soft cheese and mushrooms and to top it off a spicy salsa. My reaction, everyone back off – these balls are mine!

$$$$ $

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