Johnny Rockets

Johnny Rockets

Located on the second floor (Magic Planet), on F700, Mall of the Emirates
Al Barsha
3.0 star rating 5 Reviews
$$ - Affordable
  Work Hours: Sat - Fri (10:00 AM - 11:59 PM)
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About this business

The staff at some locations are known to sing and dance every half-hour. Making a smiley face with ketchup on the paper plate when served french fries is a Johnny Rockets trademark.

5 Reviews

Johnny Rockets

its a pricy place for burgers, fries and hot dogs, but my husbs like it, we place it 4th in the top best burger joint in dubai, the first ones are cheaper and better,but nothing can be perfect, they arent bad for delivery too.


 Dubai, UAE
Johnny Rockets

Went to JR last week as we often do, but this time we were dissapointed. It seems like they have altered some of the items that we usually go for, such as the milk shakes which were very thin and not up to the usual thick and creamy We asked for mustard and were told that there would be an extra charge for it....Honestly, when you are paying already quite high prices, that is a real cheek. The bill for 4 of us came to about Dhs280 which is not cheap, and to be honest, I think the burgers at Hardees are better, and a lot better value for money.


ChanMan That is absurd! Charging for mustard! Horrible

05/12/2012 - Report


 Dubai, UAE
Johnny Rockets

One of the best burgers on this side of town especially since Fudruckers in JBR closed. You can't go wrong with the Original burger. They do tend to overcook their burgers sometimes, so if you like your meat on the pinkish side, let em know.


 Dubai, UAE
Johnny Rockets

I really enjoy eating here, just need to bring an extra stomach!! Their fries, burgers and milkshakes are just what anyone needs to brighten up their day or night! Even though I like a "medium" cooked burger, watch out for the inside! Sometimes they under cook their burgers and you may need to have them throw it back on the grill!


Johnny Rockets

I hear it's the first really popular American Burger joint in Dubai with locals. I liked their HUGE FRENCH FRIES! The burgers are beef packed and tasty, but very juicy, so unless you are with your best friend, may end up having your pic with sauces on your face on her Facebook page. Great joints for hangout with friends, not so neat for a date you want to impress. My hubby loves american burgers, I can't digest them properly, so I stick to lighter options when I go there and just smile at his enjoyment of his meal. :)


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