Just Falafel

Park Island; Dubai Marina
Dubai Marina
4.0 star rating 3 Reviews
$ - Bargain
  Work Hours: Sat - Fri (9:00 AM - 11:59 PM)

About this business

At Just Falafel, our vision is one of making and serving quality and lip smacking delicacies– and by that we mean Falafel! Its founding partners first conceived the concept of Just Falafel in 2006, in order to globally promote Middle Eastern culture and tradition and to elevate this traditional food to a higher cultural standing in a Modern Gourmet setting.

3 Reviews

 Dubai, UAE
Just Falafel

I LOVE Just Falafel! It's a great quick stop on my way home, and the food is really good and fast and super cheap. Of course, you really better love falafel. Any of the falafels are delicious, the dips are great, but the salads need work.

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Just Falafel

This place is a great choice for a quick bite after work. Highly recommend the falafel quesadillas. It's still fast food but somehow you think it's healthier for you. Prices are very reasonable and staff very polite.

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Just Falafel

Finally open! Love this place, really fast delivery and very efficient and attentive to instructions. I am a little picky with the way I like my food and they delivered it all exactly how I ordered. Asked for extra pink pickles on the side and they gave me a huge batch :-) My only complaint is why on earth have they stopped offering the baked falafel option???? I can only guess it wasnt in demand which I totally dont understand, I mean why would you go for fried option if baked is available? It tastes the same when its in a sandwich.... PLEASE BRING BACK THE BAKED OPTION!!!! Japanese and quesadilla sandwiches are my favorite.

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