Mr. Ben's Costume Closet

Mezzanine Floor, Al Ghazal Mall Al Diyafah/Al Wasl Junction, Al Satwa
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$$$ - Mid-Range

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Mr. Ben's Closet Delivering quality international merchandise for sale and exceptional costumes for hire, Mr. Ben's costume closet is your ultimate one stop for all costume needs.

4 Reviews

Mr. Ben's Costume Closet

This is the most well known and trusted costume shop in all of Dubai. I used to live in Satwa and I'd go there just for fun and end up buying stuff even when I didn't have an event to go to...The prices are a bit high but the selection, service and location are unrivalled still by all the competitors that have sprung up in the years since. This place rocks. They have everything from massive costume rentals like professional size all the way to just simple masks and decorations etc. Check it out.

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Mr. Ben's Costume Closet

The only decent place in Dubai to pick up a Halloween costume, and now that it is right around the corner I can't wait. They have plenty of stuff to choose from, from the cheapy type costumes to the more elaborate ones you rent. I suggest you get your costume early and not wait to the last minute because it can be a mad house in there the day of and they tend to run out of stuff by then.

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AbuDhabiStu They opened a new one?

09/10/2012 - Report

Mr. Ben's Costume Closet

I always head to Mr Ben's for my fancy dress costumes. Found some great stuff there recently for a party and they now have morph suits! I am about to buy some things there to make my Comic Con costume for this weekend. If they don't have something you want they might be able to order it for you and can make adjustments to big outfits your might be hiring.

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Mr. Ben's Costume Closet

Not only for Halloween but Mr. Ben's is where we rent out crazy costumes for house parties. I was Chewbaca last year. You can buy or rent the costumes and for a practical costs.

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