MusicHall Dubai

Jumeirah Zaabeel Saray Hotel, The Palm Jumeirah
Palm Jumeirah
3.0 star rating 12 Reviews
$$$ - Mid-Range
  Work Hours: Thu & Fri (9:00 PM - 3:00 AM)
Payments: Credit/Debit Cards
Parking: Mall, Valet
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About this business

Launched in Beirut in 2003, MusicHall has been playing live music in front of millions of people over the years. It has since become one of Beirut's most legendary live music venues and making it a must-visit for locals and tourists alike. Live musicians play nightly to show off their talents to the crowed in a chill extraordinary atmosphere.

12 Reviews

MusicHall Dubai

I LOVE LOVE this place and brought a group of 40 for a suhoor this Ramadan (we did the same last year) and have to say it was just as awesome! I love this place, the ambience, the live entertainment, the concept - EVERYTHING!

The only thing the min spend went up from AED 115 to AED 190 but it's still worth it considering that outside of Ramadan (when they serve alcohol) the min spend is AED 500!

Some amazing acts, and the Lebanese singer Rawad (pictured below) was awesome. They also have two local guys who really interact with the audience. A lady with an amaaaazing voice like the famous Egyptian singer Oum Kalthoum. In fact they even stayed behind and sang a little longer for us which was a lovely gesture.

The food is good and they also have shisha there. It is pricey (AED 150) but honestly it's such an amazing experience and ambience you don't mind. It's also not somewhere you would go every day! I would highly recommend the mixed sweet dish with yummy pastries.

I highly recommend this place if you've never been. Need to be a small group at least to enjoy it more.

$$$$ $

smeg That's a big increase in $$ bit also 100% agree it's worth it!

20/07/2014 - Report

 Dubai, UAE
MusicHall Dubai

This is one of the craziest place I've ever been here in Dubai!! I love this place.. So! So! So! much!!!! They call it "MusicHall". This place is like a club thing theater here in Dubai which is located at Jumeirah Zabeel Saray. You know where? Of course here at Palm Jumeirah Island. Amazing eh!

This place is offering a very unique concept on how they entertain their audience. I can tell they can make us crazy, I mean do a crazy night. They are offering a back-to-back live international musical acts that provides a very busy program. They have this stage thing that has a very large curtain to cover the whole stage. Every time one performance will be done, they will close this huge curtain and when it will open again.. You will see another different performance.

They are giving their audience a very multicultural live stage performances with a wide variety of music styles from Middle-Eastern to Russian, from Rock to Gipsy fusion via French and American Pop, let alone Salsa, Indian and Persian. After this shows, the last one who will perform is the DJ Music with a very good remix, Awesome!

We enjoyed the whole time we were here. from the time we get out from the valet, we can already hear the music that beats together with our heartbeat, lols! Its true though.. hahaha, the beverages are a little bit pricey but its ok because the atmosphere that they are offering on this place is priceless.

$$$ $$

 Dubai, UAE
MusicHall Dubai

I really enjoyed the live performance at Musichall. I was surprised at the overall talent that was singing, they were actually very good. We had a table in the back which was nice, definitely try and get one closer to the stage if you can. The service was very slow but we still managed to have a good time. I am glad to see more live performance places coming to Dubai.

$$$$ $

MusicHall Dubai

I'm a big fan of Music Hall and went for the first time when the place opened early 2013. Last weekend, I organised a big group and we went for the 'Masrah Ramadan' experience. OMG..wowww! Amaaaaazing
Fantastic Show! Loved all the acts!

Despite the fact that we were over 40 people spread over four lounges, the staff were great and very efficient. Settling of the bill was also very smooth.

I would like to thank Rida, Walid and all their staff for a wonderful evening and their co-operation and professionalism.

If you haven't been to Music Hall, you should try it! In Ramadan the acts are all Arabic. However, outside of Ramadan the live entertainment is more International with English, French, Greek, Russian and Spanish songs in addition to Arabic.

$$$$ $

MusicHall Dubai

You are like in the biggest theatre in the Middle East and yet it all feels so cosy and comfortable with the stage and z amazing artists & acts from all around the globe, there wre russians performing & then an egyptian act n an american singer that would give beyonce a run for her money and just after that a gipsy singer !!!

where else can you find such diversity?? the stage is right in front of u no matter where u r, thats how big the stage is, great acoustics anywhere in the musichall, felt like my gf and i were the only people there and they were all performing for us :)

$$ $$$

Nyssa D
 Beirut, LB
MusicHall Dubai

Tthe MusicHall is the best place i have ever been to ,I recommend trying their menus as well, the drinks are to die for and the flair bar tender, such a nice fella and so quick and OMG the food - it's incredible!
Regarding the atmosphere, I doubt that any other theatre or even club can beat this, the clientele is top notch, the classiest people in Dubai, all in their evening's best, finally a place in Dubai that really showcases how cosmopolitan dubai really is, i mean the shows were just, well its like you've just sampled the best music from all around the world, all in one evening, i've been to other clubs and restaurants and such in this city and others but none like this, dubai really needed this, it is so much more, it is so cultural and entertaining at the same time.
I'm definetly going back again and again !!!

$ $$$$

ReviewDivaDXB I've been to MusicHall and it's not cheap! You only put one dollar sign in your review. Did you find a deal or similar?

21/02/2013 - Report

MusicHall Dubai

Superb place, music and shows were amazing, food excellent and service is professional. Nothing to say but it was a mesmerizing experience. Advice everyone to go and try it.

$$$$ $

 Dubai, UAE
MusicHall Dubai

Was lucky enough to be invited to the opening night of MusicHall and had very high expectations, having enjoyed the Beirut venue so much last year. We had a blast of a night - the acts were incredible, there was a great atmosphere and everyone seemed very psyched about such an original place in Dubai. Sounds like when money starts exchanging hands, they are letting down their customers, from the reviews below. Hopefully this is just some teething problems and they'll have it all figured out soon. I'll definitely return, but probably in a month or two.

$$$$ $

MusicHall Dubai

Maybe I got very lucky but I went to the grand opening of the club last weekend and I have been to the Beirut venue a few times and I was blown away. Stunning musical lineup which included a Spanish Guitarist, an amazing American "Whitney Houstonesque" singer, a Cuban Duo and even a Bedouin Egyptian singer... The vibe was amazing, and the layout is very cool. Tons of room to roam around...we often went to the front to dance in large groups. The bar area is a little small, but it's supposed to be a table thing so maybe that's why they don't want you at the bar. I absolutely loved the space, the tunes and the crowd. Will go back for sure. I'm sure there's gonna be some teething problems when you open such a massive and new club in Dubai.

$$$$ $

MusicHall Dubai

Music Hall is originally from Beirut and opened this weekend in the Zabeel Seray Hotel on the Palm Jumeirah. I will start with the positives: Beautiful venue, great performers and great music in between acts. Good layout with most of the venue table seating except at the bar. Original, as I haven't yet seen anything like this in Dubai. Now the negatives: Terrible, I mean just awful service! No menus, confusion between staff, shocking min spends that weren't communicated at the time of booking, long waiting time for drinks (bottles and single drinks) and in general you could tell that they were not prepared to deal with a full house. It was a shame as the atmosphere was fantastic but I left with a very negative and disappointed feeling as it took so long to get any kind of service. My advice to MusicHall would be to invite all the people back that were there for the 'paying first night' and do something for them all as it wasn't just us. The other guests seemed to be frustrated with the service and this is what all of those people will be talking about this week. I'll try MusicHall again, but maybe in a month when all the kinks are ironed out. 1 star for service, 5 stars for the acts.


 Dubai, UAE
MusicHall Dubai

Yeah i came to musichall Dubai tonight expecting the best and all i got was the worst customer service of my life. We showed up which we had a table and it took us an hour to get a drink. And by the way they charge a minimum of 700aed a person. Thats kind of ridiculous but the real sad part is the service is so bad u cant even drink that because they cant even get the drinks to u fast enough. It took about an hour between drinks and we had a table next to the stage. The most frustrating part is when we went to cash out they charged us for the whole amount which we didn't drink and it took over an hour to run or credit cards. They had literally one credit card machine with literally 40 service trying to swipe credit cards at the same time. The music was good and it was a cool venue but the service was soooo bad and there " i don't care attitude" totally put me off. I mean your spending thousands of dirhams for what?!!!!!!!!

$$$$ $

 Dubai, UAE
MusicHall Dubai

I had a terrible experience tonight. The service was so slow and trying to get the bill took 45 mins as they only have 4 credit card machines apparently. What a joke! The acts were good but the night was ruined by bad service.

$$$$ $

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