My Bag Spa

My Bag Spa

Shop Number 20, 1st Floor, Jumeirah Centre, Jumeirah Beach Road
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MyBagSpa strives to fulfill the original senses of sight, touch and smell to each article. A clean bag means - it must first and foremost look clean. When you carry it, it feels clean, and when you bring it closer, it does smell clean too! Why do we have to clean our belongings? Just like us, our things will get dirty, aged and develop symptoms.We serve all clients who have a need to get their belongings cleaned. We also provide our services to major designer labels so as to keep their merchandi

1 Review

My Bag Spa

If you do have designer bags and it's time to let them get some cleaning or restoring. This place is the spa for all your beloved bags. The price for each bag depends on the height and width of the bag & they're all cleaned by hand. Every bag which comes through the door is treated like a patient. Also, one can choose to have the bag given a full clean, partial clean or just restore the whole bag and they also have services for shoes and accessories. For bag cleaning, (size A4) costs AED 250, changing color price starts from AED 300-400.


Nourai brilliant!

06/03/2012 - Report

Sky Zuher

Sky Zuher I love you! I've been searching for something like this for a long time!

07/03/2012 - Report


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