Pizza Express

Sheikh Saeed Hall 1, Dubai World Trade Center
Trade Centre
2.0 star rating 8 Reviews
$$ - Affordable
  Work Hours: Sat - Thu (12:00 PM - 11:30 PM)
  Special Work Hours: Fri (1:00 PM - 11:30 PM)
Payments: Credit/Debit Cards
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At the heart of Dubai, we are right below the Metro Station. Dubai World Trade Center is the region’s leading destination for exhibitions, conferences, and events. For all pizza lovers, in and around.

8 Reviews

Pizza Express

Grabbed a quick bite at Pizza Express before Cavalia. It's located right next to the metro station. Fast, friendly service and they have seating outside. Prices are reasonable and the pizza is very tasty. If you're in the area, I recommend stopping in for a pizza.

$$$ $$

LondongirlinDXB I've always liked Pizza Express - consistent worldwide :-). was the show? I'm hoping to go next week!

10/04/2014 - Report

Pizza Express

I recently happen to visit Pizza Express near the exhibition halls of DWTC, we were six of us, hungry & exhausted from all day meetings around the town.

I had just heard that Pizza Express is good but had never tried the same. We settled for 3 garlic bread with mozzarella for starters. I was assuming 3 will be sufficient as even the priciest of restaurant will serve you minimum 2 pieces of same. Also we ordered Pomodoro Pesto leggera pizza , four seasons pizza , apollo pizza , lasagne & 2 fresco cocktails

The service was horrible, the servers were slow and clueless at times. Also I wasn't aware how exactly a' Leggera' pizza will be so I asked the server and he responded to me by saying "its a thin crust pizza" I was really annoyed by that response because I know its a pizza and its mentioned in the menu that it is thin crust so I need some new info which I wasn't given.

We kept waiting and waiting for a good 20 plus minutes until I saw the server heading towards us with three small plates of buns..but wait before he moved forward to place the dishes he was been called by the cashier. Without serving us, he rushed towards the lady at the counter. We waited and waited, staring at the decor. Finally our server took pity on us and decided to at least serve us the garlic breads we had ordered. I was startled looking at its size, it was the size of a burger bun.. Was it worth 20dhs? NO WAYS!
To add to the wound when the pizza arrived I realized how thin the crust was, more like a roti with minimum toppings unevenly spread across the entire pizza. Taste wise all were just about alright. Also the Lasagne arrived in such a big dish but again the portion was so small, it got over in just few bites. Tasted good though but one dish couldn't compensate for the evening we spent.

We paid around 350dhs for terrible service, tasting few dishes & wasting our time.

After this we headed to a fast food joint to have more food..

$$$ $$

Pizza Express

I've discovered where Pepsi is made in the UAE. It's under Pizza Express at the World Trade Centre. It must be as it takes half an hour to get one.

The food is factory made and delivered...and tastes much like any other one of this chains outlets. That's means its fine; nothing special.

On my visit there was no manager on duty, we wrote out our own order on a blank sheet of paper, found and stood over a headless waiter...they were all headless...and made sure our order was processed through another one of their inefficient systems.

If you pass this restaurant and there are more than two people in it...keep walking.

$$$ $$

 Dubai, UAE
Pizza Express

Hmm...not like Pizza Express in England at all. Not sure if its the pizza bases or the topping but the taste is just lack lustre. I used to love the pizza's in england but not here.

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 Dubai, UAE
Pizza Express

I've been here once since a colleague of mine told me that they serve very good pizza and the place is close to our office. Indeed it is nice pizza and the servings is just enough for sharing, but the service was really poor. We came after office hours and it was not that busy since only 3 tables were occupied inside the resto. Waiters cant be found around and it would take time for you to call them, worst part is it takes ages for them to assist you. Once you ask for your check dont forget to take a look at your bill because ours have some error on the price of our orders.

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Pizza Express

Thin Light somewhat delicious pizza, ended here for having a voucher deal, buy 1 take 1 it is. If your having some meeting near the area, the place is average for those who is lost around the world trade area, Indoor and outdoor is available and hectic when there are ongoing events at the centre.

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Pizza Express

Some people love this chain, I find it average. They have been offering great deals, and if you are utilizing the deal, then it is good value for the price. If I didn't have the deal, then I would probably order from somewhere else.

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Pizza Express

Fantastic Pizza! If you are at the exhibition for a few days, be sure to try them! I always go there during exhibition days. Better than all the usual pizza places you get, excellent quality and service. Nice staff too.

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Nourai another great spot at the exhibition place is a grilled sandwich stand.

16/03/2012 - Report

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