Rahma Beauty Center

Al Nahda 1 Opposite Sahara Mall
1.0 star rating 4 Reviews
$$ - Affordable
  Work Hours: Sat - Thu (9:30 AM - 9:30 PM)
  Special Work Hours: Fri (2:30 PM - 9:30 PM)
Payments: Credit/Debit Cards
Parking: Private
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About this business

Rahma Beauty Center & personal care is a haven for clients to come in, relax and unwind whilst they are pampered by a beauty therapist dedicated on providing the highest levels of customer service.

4 Reviews

 Dubai, UAE
Rahma Beauty Center

Don`t even think about it, even if it is the last chance you have !
For underarm and upper lip waxing I paid AED50 and she didnt even do it right i went out like i came, my hair was still there when i told the that still they didnt do it wright, they get confused and said they can do it with threading ...huh??? why?? I asked for waxing and is not properly done why should i do threading?
Girls don't ever think about it!!!


 Dubai, UAE
Rahma Beauty Center

i went Rahma beauti center this saturday and they gave me good services i am satisfied with their work and in 99 dhs they gave a very good economical package the staff is also deal very politely and gave nice facial and hair cut . so my experience is good . and i think so above comments are fake Habiba

$$ $$$

Chitra ohm
 Dubai, UAE
Rahma Beauty Center

This is for Rahma beauty center Location: Al Qusais, Nahda 1, Opp.Sahara Mall,Booking Contact: 04-2546533, 050-7865241
Me and 2 more friends planned to visit this when there was an offer on Hit the deals. Unfortunately one of my friend had suggested and we did not check the reviews about the parlor and booked it.Visited on Dec 1 ,13 after fixing an appointment with the owner since the LL was not picked by anyone. The worst of worst services in lifetime and the owner Afsaan (Im not sure of the name)talks very sweetly but they are least bothered about the customers.In spite of having an appointment at 12, believe me we came out at 7pm.The whole day we had to go around searching for staffs who throw real attitude or just say a plain sorry and kept attending to their walk in customers who did not have any appointment.Since we are taking a package and the amount is already paid they do not even consider us.Above all used towels,used gowns, worst pedicure machine where you are made to sit for hours(mean time they take attend their walk in customers) and the water drains automatically and you sit there calling them but no one comes to attend,and the mani/pedi was done in such a way that both my friends started bleeding in their toe nails.That was because the lady there who says she is the MD was doing the cuticles when my friends where still saying that it is paining she did not stop and after seeing blood she said their usual word,"sorry".Hair massage she hardly applies for the whole head,here and there she touches up the hair cream and does a very strange pulling of hair and the pain lasted for 3 days.Plus the so called steam, where no steam comes because there is no water after few minutes,when asked she says that steam was enough. Facial-applies cream and left to die in the room even there they do not come and see what is happening and such a fast massage you would have ever experienced.Waxing-here and there only they remove the hair and she puts in such hot wax though you say its hot shes least bothered.Only quick and good work was the eyebrow threading but had to wait for 1 hour for that 5 mins job.Totally we paid 96 dhs and got body pain,we dint have food the whole day,a holiday full of bad mood and head ache coz of the massage and such a staff and the owner who are so much money minded and least bothered about their customers.SORRY and DEAR comes from their mouth so easily but they don't mean that.In spite of having us three and 2 more elder ladies and a pregnant woman who had all taken packages plus appointments they solidly attended another 15 customers that 7 hours,which shows that it was not their first time like this and this has been a routine for them.Pls beware and never ever take even a free service from this so called PARLOR.

$ $$$$

 Dubai, UAE
Rahma Beauty Center

This is the worst beauty center in UAE,they offer deals through several portals and they give a very poor service,please do not get cheated by them,even if you are planned to go just have a look inside the parlour before you pay money because they charge you first then only they will do the service as they are sure after the service due to poor quality we are not going to pay money.they are not at all clean even they give us gowns which others have already used.please do not buy through online any of the service as they are frequent in the deals.the staffs are really not clean also.Its located near sahara center ,next to samee supermarket,Alnahda1 ,Dubai...

$$$ $$

Sale I hope you are working with them i mean staff or may be related to the parlour.Also please look in to my comments which says please check the parlour before you buy services,if you are happy thats up to you and also i think you have not gone to any parlour other than this.I am sure my comments will help lots of ppl and also i m not just saying i had the experience there.

01/01/2014 - Report

saima khan

saima khan No mam Ur saying wrong about Rahm's cause I have visited Rahma Saloon many times but I didn't see anything wrong there than how u can say bad about them,and Rahma staff is qualified and hardworking they work with their heart this I haven't seen in any other saloon so think before you speak get it

01/01/2014 - Report

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