Sea World Seafood Restaurant

Sea World Seafood Restaurant

Palm Jumeirah
3.0 star rating 3 Reviews
$$$ - Mid-Range
  Work Hours: Sat - Fri (1:00 PM - 1:00 AM)
Parking: Private, Valet
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We offer a huge selection of seafood, all fresh as can be and ready to delight your tastebuds. Pick your fish and tell our staff how you want it cooked!

3 Reviews

 Dubai, UAE
Sea World Seafood Restaurant

we used to go very often to the seaworld near mazaya centre onszr...but recently went to the new one for old times sake...BUT??? totally disapointed.. had gone there for our anniversary....not the friendly staff to help you with the menu
(psst the female never even knew what is what)...just nodded to whatever we sugested with the sauces N HAVE TO MENTION this no smlle on thier faces..a grim look...AFAR CRY FROM MAZAYA DAYS DAYS WHEN i used to see smilling n helpful staff to guide... n never will i go back...not worth it


 Dubai, UAE
Sea World Seafood Restaurant

Pleasant surprise! You come in and proceed all the way to the end of the restaurant where you will find a counter with fresh seafood and freshly caught fish. Pick what wish to have and place an order with the waiter. You can choose the flavors and method of cooking. Pick your seat. We actually used a private room, which was nice and intimate. Food arrived and it was nothing fancy but yet fresh and delicious. I picked scallops, squid, some small local fish, hamour and lobster, because i wanted to try everything. Had plenty and plenty to take home also. Lovely place, easy to arrive and park, friendly service. Don't judge the tacky decor :)


Sea World Seafood Restaurant

I have passed by this place a million times but never went in. The other day, my husband and I passed by it and decided to check it out. Its so cool!!! You go in and choose your own fresh seafood (we chose jumbo prawns and Hammour fish, with a plate of fresh veggies), then you specify how you want it cooked(we had the prawns cooked in thai sauce and the fish grilled in lemon and herbs), and then you wait at your table in a pretty decent eating area, and enjoy your meal in relative comfort as the place is well ventilated so the smell of raw fish doesnt bother you. the baby wanted to eat the meal too so we asked them for some fresh raw carrot pieces, upon which the manager sent a complimentary plate of sliced carrots for her. That was pretty nice of them and baby smiled through th meal chewing on her carrots. Total bill 305 for one medium size fish and four jumbo prawns. The thai curry was really good. The veggie plate was a bit extra as it was food enough for three people but all in all, we really enjoyed it. Next time we order less. Try this place at my recommendation. From the outside its not even noticable but inside, you get a pleasant surprise.


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