Shooters Billiards & Sport Cafe

The Marina Torch Tower ; Dubai Marina
Dubai Marina
3.0 star rating 8 Reviews
$$$ - Mid-Range
  Work Hours: Sat - Fri (10:30 AM - 3:00 AM)
Payments: Credit/Debit Cards
Parking: Private, Street
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About this business

Shooters is the first and only billiards café in the heart of Dubai Marine. Shooter is furnished with 9 high end knight shot billiard tables and 1 profissional championship snoker table .

8 Reviews

 Sharjah, UAE
Shooters Billiards & Sport Cafe

This place is awesome for shisha, and billiards with friends. Great layout and decor and the staff is really nice...sometimes they get a bit confused but hey that happens anywhere around these parts. Really love the shisha here. The parking is a horrible issue but besides that its awesome. Don't really eat here very much but I've had the poutine, the prawns, and the club sandwich..all were pretty good but not amazing. Go for the shisha and atmosphere...especially if you want to watch a football match and don't want to drink any booze...this is your best bet.

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Shooters Billiards & Sport Cafe

This was without a doubt one of my favourite places to visit in dubai, For any fun loving billiard addict this is one place you need to visit. With its great atmosphere and unique interior i felt very relaxed. The food is excellent and the prawns were to die for, the only downside was the overpriced billiard tables but everything else was very affordable.

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 Dubai, UAE
Shooters Billiards & Sport Cafe

First time here and I will have to say I was pleasantly surprised. I wasn’t expecting much to begin with but the place is pretty well decorated and it has a nice billiards/shisha feel….49AED for shisha isn’t bad either comparing to most of the shisha around the Marina at 70AED. Also the place was pretty packed as well; every pool table had people playing. I didn’t play pool but I heard it was 70AED and hour for a table which is high but when you don’t serve booze I guess it’s ok, I would have saved money. Overall a pretty good neighborhood shisha place.

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Shooters Billiards & Sport Cafe

I went here the other night as my friend lives in the building. It's a brand new sports bar with plenty of pool tables. It's cool because each table has its own private TV with digibox and remote so you can choose what channel you want to watch and relax while having a meal or a shisha. Menu is quite limited and offers a bit of everything. I had some quesadillas which were good, while my husband enjoyed his chicken wings. Only gripe is that they only serve imported water so could only have Evian at 12AED per small bottle, no local brands. Other than this, it was a fun place to go.

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Shooters Billiards & Sport Cafe

My wife and I went with another Ya-Digger last night to this place. I have to say that I was really impressed by the way the interiors were done! It reminded me of being in a mixture of a sisha lounge and a pool hall. But, the interiors made the place look so modern, and it was extremely clean. We looked at the menu, and I caouldn't believe that they had Poutine on it!! For those of you who don't know what Poutine is, it is french fries covered in cheese and gravy(that's right)!!!! There were a few different options for the Poutine(regular, with chicken, or with hamburger). I opted for the hamburger meat to be an additional topping. And, it only cost about AED 32!! The food came out pretty fast,even though it was a bit difficult to speak to the waitress as they didn't speak English very good. When the meal came out, it was so huge that between 2-3 people, we couldn't finish all of it and my friend to the rest home with him. Both the pool tables and sticks were like brand new, and they had good music to listen to as we played for about an hour. I will definitely come back to this place and will upload the enormous mound of Poutine sometime later on this week, so everybody can see just how tasty it looks!

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Shooters Billiards & Sport Cafe

Went here too late to eat but been wanting to check it out. I've heard the food is great though. This place is still very new, very clean and quite empty but I'm sure it'll pick up. Great billiards tables, lots of room, nice attentive staff and your own personal living room equipped with T.V and comfy seating..surround sound and all the fixings of mom's living stone walls and bamboo awnings. Very cool owners too, young laid back dudes...very nice and if you don't like something they'll sort you out. I had a shisha that was really nice, grape/mint of course. :)

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Shooters Billiards & Sport Cafe

Ok in the two weeks since I wrote my initial review, I have become a frequent customer and I have the following updates. The staff are super friendly, as are the management. Everytime they see me they make sure to come over and say hello and make sure everything is ok with our meals/shisha etc. I have a few issues with the pricing on the menu though. Shisha at 45aed is OK but I cannot understand their pricing of smoothies.... Pomegranate juice is 36aed!!! Absurd! And no, you do not get a gallon of it, just a glass... Mango Juice is 30aed and Orange juice is 20aed. The prices are random and have no consistency and anything above 18aed for a fresh fruit juice is way too much imo. I have suggested they lower their prices and management have said they will... I really hope so otherwise I fear my daily dose of fibre will slowly lead me to bancrupcy :P The food is randomly priced also. I think 52aed for a salad is toooo much although it was high quality and quite a big portion. If the prices don't lower I will just not come as often and go to other nearby places which are more reasonably priced. Still love this place though. Love the decor, the service, but overpriced!!

Shooters Billiards & Sport Cafe

Shooters Billiards & Sport Cafe (Business Owner): Hello flying panda, just to be informed .. yes the management changed the prices for the whole menu And as they promised also they have already installed the big screens for the sports and live events and they are promising soon to bring some music bands and musicians they place is cool and the staff are very good and they are very friendly

05/04/2012 - Report

The Flying Panda

The Flying Panda 36aed for pomegranate juice.... that must be the most expensive pomegranate in the world

15/03/2012 - Report

Shooters Billiards & Sport Cafe

This joint has just opened up at the bottom of The Torch residential tower in Dubai Marina. A friend and i went to check it out last night. They charge 100aed an hour for the pool table, little pricey compared to Jebel Ali Club but I still think these guys will do well because of location and the fact that they serve shisha too. There are 9 billiard tables and 1 pro championship snooker table and then the other side is the restaurant area which has an extensive menu of food/smoothies/shisha. Each table has its own LCD tv playing movies of your choice (for free) which is a nice touch. Great place to come and chill especially for nearby residents - oh and they serve soya milk too! Happy to see more and more cafes catering for dairy free diets :)

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