Smokers Centre

Mall of the Emirates, Level G, Store 317 Sheikh Zayed Road
Al Barsha
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For tobacco, cigarettes, cigars and smoking accessories.

1 Review

Smokers Centre
25/06/2012 know that smoking will eventually get you in trouble. My husband bought an e cigarette from here. Cost a bit, and I never saw it again. My hubby, chain smoker. My one headache in life is smoking as I am unable to breathe around smokers. My husband doesn't agree with me but I still believe that smoking is primarily a nervous habit. I have noticed, no offense, perfectly respectable and fit looking young men suddenly lose their cool, reach for a cigarette and hold on to it for dear life, and if that's not enough, again try to draw some strength from some strong, probably black, coffee. As if a gulp here and a puff there will restore your self confidence! Try an e cigarette. Buy one lasts for ever I think. I think it also glows in the dark. Some green light in it.....hmmmm..... Its that Or join yoga or something.... Smoking is not good for say all cigarette packets. :D

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