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From fresheners, cleaning products and cup holders, performance car seats, gear shift knobs and styling accessories to alloy wheels, car audio, navigational products and everything in between. Yellow Hat operates over 500 stores around the world and is renowned for offering the widest range of products at the highest standards and value for money for products, services and customer care.

3 Reviews

 Abu Dhabi, UAE
Yellow Hat Japan

Had my car fixed with a subwoofer. After 3 hours of waiting,i was advised by the technician that they cannot fix it properly because my car is new and that this was the first time thay have done it on that model. I had spoken to the supervisor, michael, told me that they cannot give my money back. He even advised me to sell it to dubizzle. This shop is surrounded by unproffesional people. Better to go somewhere else than this shop.

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Yellow Hat Japan

I went to Yellow Hat because unlike other garages, it looks great on the outside. Took the car there for polish and to "fix two cracked rims" according to their "expert" diagnosis.

They charged me 600 AED to fix each rim. I would end up going back six times because I kept losing air. They were simply unable to fix it, here's why: They give it to some of the shady wheel welders around the corner. And that costs them 150 AED (so they make 450 AED per wheel just for crossing the road).

What's hilarious is that when I went back last time, he said he had reached out to "a special contact", who brought "laser welding technology from Spain". Miraculously, the job was done in less than half a day with a repaint as well. It was all just very dodgy to start with.

Even had to run them through the tire pressure because they were putting in air randomly. Lucky I have a tire pressure monitor, if you care for your safety I would not touch the garage with a 100-feet pole.

I put on four new tires as well (for which they charged me a premium as it turns out, cheaper at your regular ENOC / ADNOC).

As mentioned by an earlier reviewers, shoddy customer service to top it all off. Sometimes you learn the hard way as a newcomer to the city. You've been warned!

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Yellow Hat Japan

I had booked my car a week in advance to have it detailed, what a mistake!! I brought my car in this morning to have all the things I paid for, and it was supposed to be ready for collection by 4pm. Well, I called them at 4:30pm and they didn't even have me in their computer!! I asked them if my car was ready, they didn't even know who I was. They told me that they would call me back in 15 minutes, I had to call them back after an hour of waiting, and they answered, "yeah!?" How unprofessional! I am on my way now to their shop to find out if they even did any work(which they told me so far that they don't know if they have done any work yet or not). I will never use them again because of their #$%^&*-poor service and lack of morale ethics! I wish that they could at least have the decency to call me back and/or have my car ready as they have promised me before leaving it with them. Definitely not worth the money or the time wasted!!

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