Birds and Animals Market

Birds and Animals Market

Located next to the main Bus and Taxi station in Sharjah
Al Mareija
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$$$ - Mid-Range

About this business

A compilation of multiple pet stores selling ornamental birds, pet animals and tropical and marine aquarium fishes. As well as vet clinics and pet supply stores.

1 Review

Birds and Animals Market

Horrible, sad, tragic place full of greedy people who don't even like pets keeping animals in extremely bad conditions just to make money. I'm investigating the proper means to report this to someone who's a decision maker and can stop this cruelty. Dogs are SEDATED and kept in dirty cages, not bathed, and left sitting in their tiny boxes covered with their feces. Just enter one of the "stores" (More like small office space???) where they're selling dogs and see what I'm talking about. I saw up to 8 puppies (OBVIOUSLY from a puppy farm) kept in one cage which was broken and had metal wires sticking out which could easily scratch and poke the puppies, it was so small they were basically sitting and stomping on one another. There's a man who goes there to sell kitten whom himself admitted to keeping up to 25 persian cats and kittens in one locked room in his APARTMENT and breeding them to make money. His cats had ear mites and he couldn't even tell which ones were male or female - If you can't even tell an animal's gender you're in NO WAY capable of breeding them and maintaining them in a healthy environment! Shame on these people. DON'T purchase cats and dogs from this place or you'll be creating demand for more of this abuse! The pets all come from puppy and kitten farms were the adult dogs and cats and kept in horrible conditions.


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