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 Dubai, UAE

I have been to their Friday brunch like almost every weekend last year and enjoyed their steak and yorkshire pudding. The brunch selection is very small. They are serving mostly breakfast meal like scrambled eggs, sausages, or bacon, then a small lunch selection, carvery station, 5 kinds of salad, and few cakes... The price is good though it was like AED 120 non alcoholic package. The reason we stopped going back was because the beef quality went down. The meat became rubbery and fatty. The ambiance is good and they had an acoutic player. They also have a kids play area with bouncy castle outside and inside they have a wide screen playing Diego or Dora.

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 Dubai, UAE
Nelson's Bar

Been to Nelson's and found there service is crap. I ordered vodka cranberry and was given cranberry juice. I asked the waiter to put vodka on it as I didn't order a juice and he said it's not allowed. I reckon that if they give you a wrong order they will not replace it? I went to the bar myself asked the bartender to taste the juice to check if there is vodka on it and he totally agreed there is not a splash. He replaced my order. I had a taste left my drink on the table and left the place.

I emailed the hotel to complain and had Eugene the manager of Nelson's apologize to me and said they don't have that policy. It's funny how apology is enough and asked me for my nationality. What does that have to do with my complaint? We will never go back!!!

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LondongirlinDXB That's terrible. He didn't offer anything complimentary to make up for this?

13/04/2014 - Report


Went there for the first time last weekend - was curious to try out the place and compare it to London. The decor and music were good but it was too small and smokey for my liking.
Nice to have clubs in different areas of town and I guess this will suit those living closing to Deira. However, wasn't impressed enough to go back.

No idea about prices as was invited and on a table but I'm assuming it is pricey!

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GQ Bar

I went to an event at the GQ Bar located o the ground floor of the JW Marriott Marquis, next to VIP. The bar is split into sections. You have the bar, standing table and a seating area on the right side. On the left there's a raised area for dining. They also have an upstairs area, unfortunately I didn't venture upstairs to check it out. GQ is a great brand and the bar is very chic. I can see people coming here for after dinner drinks or pre-clubbing drinks. The canapes they were passing around were good. I'm interested to find out what the dinner menu is like.

The highlights:

Great DJ / music
Cool and trendy bartenders and waitresses who are very attentive.

The downfall: it's very smoky in the bar area.

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 Dubai, UAE

I went to the Saturday brunch and it left much to be desired. The beer selection is good and it's always nice to sit outside when you can. However the food is poor and who likes hearing airplanes? Not recommended unless you're out with the boys and want a cheaper option.

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