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Dubai Beauty & Spas

Dubai is a city with a great many pampering options, so whether you want a soothing body treatment or a chic new hairstyle, there’ll be something to satisfy that spa craving. Some high-end hotels and health clubs in the city offer the full range of services in one place, from massages to manicures, so you can be assured of a thoroughly relaxing day. The best news is, YaDig users will be the first to tell you where’s good to go in Dubai for that star treatment.

Hair styling in Dubai
Dubai caters for both men and women when it comes to hair care and men can benefit from barbers around the city in handy locations like Dubai Marina and the DIFC Trade Center.
Ladies’ salons are plentiful too, and not only deal with hair design and colouring but also the latest hair conditioning treatments such as Botox. Beauty Plus Ladies Salon and Senses Salon are both top-rated in the YaDig community and they both deal with a range of beauty requirements.

Dubai nails and beauty
For a facial or wax treatment, there are a number of qualified beauty consultants such as MARY Beauty Salon in Dubai. Make-Up by Dee & Dal are a more specialized option and come highly recommended by YaDig users if you’re heading out on the town and fancy a make-over!
Dubai also plays host to some specialist nail salons, such as the Nail Spa and Nail Point. Whether it’s gel extensions or a simple French manicure for a special occasion, Dubai nail salons have it covered.

Tanning salons in Dubai
Dubai also has plenty of tanning salons for you to boost your tan before getting down to the beach! Many are located in the busy city center districts, offering fast and convenient tanning sessions if you’re on a lunch break – MegaSun Lounge has two branches located in Dubai Media City and in Uptown Mirdif.

Spas and Moroccan baths in Dubai
For the full pampering experience, you can’t beat a Moroccan bath in Dubai. A trend that’s growing more popular every day, the hamman-style bathing pools, saunas and steam rooms found in hotels like the One&Only Royal Mirage and specialist venue The Secret Moroccan Bath offer a truly immersive experience.
In addition, spas like Angsana Spa & Health Club provide a whole variety of services, from Thai massage to green tea body scrubs, with the serene ambience and cleanliness standards at Mist Spa particularly praised by YaDig reviewers.

From top to toe, you can be assured of always looking your best in Dubai. Don’t forget to leave your own review if you’ve had a special beauty or spa experience in the city, and let others know how you got on.
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Beauty & Spas (Reviews)

 Dubai, UAE
Royz Salon

BEWARE: They are BIG CHEATERS, I went to their TECOM Branch @Comfort Inn Hotel yesterday with my daughter who had hair wash and Hair mask and Keratin treatment for my self. I had a long arguing conversation with the Lady in the Reception because I refused to pay additional AED 50 for the hair length, I asked her if she has ruler, so at least I can measure my hair and can prove to them that would not be more than 14 inches long. She said she don't have and just simply charging me for that. Then finally I agreed to pay AED 50 as I have no choice at all.

My daughter doesn't like the product they used to her hair and they didn't dry her hair properly. So the result is really bad and nothing change on her hair, it's like they used normal shampoo only. The worst thing is when the Guy named Andy shampooing my hair, he was trying to convince me to try the Crystal Keratin as he said that my hair is really dry and damaged and need to be healthy again and It will only happen if I will pay additional AED 350.00. I said I don't have money, so he asked the Lady whom I think ed the owner of the Salon if they can give me a discount then the Lady came to me and showed me the price in the Calculator AED 300 as they don't want to tell the price to me in a loud voice because there are other customers were they already charged more. I said I only AED 270.00 in my pocket but if I could pay AED 250.00 I will try that Crystal Keratin. The lady agreed. Then the Guy named Andy said "wow I'm shocked, she likes you coz she agreed to give you that amount - big discount." he is really a good actor and a big Cheater.

During the treatment the chemicals he used to my hair is so strong and the smell is really bad. My eyes are like burning. But I didn't say anything, at the back of my mind, I want him to stop and do the Brazillian Keratin which I previously chose and paid. Even I have to pay additional AED 50.00 is a bit better than to pay AED 250.00 which was really cost me lot.

Andy really knows how to play with his Customer. They know how to convince their Customer. They have those tactics. The one who came first paid around 900 as they convinced them to buy the Keratin Shampoo and Conditioner. They tried to sell me the same but I refused and told them that I don't have money anymore so they stop and advised me to buy outside as I need to use shampoo and Conditioner for Keratin only otherwise my hair would be damaged more and comeback to its original condition, seems that they are scared that if I will use normal shampoo and conditioner my hair will turn back to it's original condition then the Crystal Keratin treatment would be useless..

So be aware Guys and next time make a review first. YA DIG is one of the best tool to check if the Salon, Restaurant, Shop, Shopping malls, etc. is really worth to spend of as we really work hard to earn money so we have to use or spend it to the right one.


LondongirlinDXB Very good reveiw! You are absolutely right. I now cross-check everything on yadig for new places. This is the whole point of the service. Sorry you had such an awful experience and that ' price on the calculator' BS is the oldest game in the book. I let people do it while I'm laughing away in my head. Lesson learned. :-)

27/08/2014 - Report


KSL Beauty Salon

Having bought a voucher on Kobonaty and reading earlier review posts , I was filled with apprehension on my visit to the salon on 23rd Aug. 2014. My voucher included Keratin + Hair Root colour+ Nail colour + 25 minutes mini-facial @ Dhs. 99. I decided to back out of the Keratin treatment having done some research about its negative effects on hair in general. I have naturally wavy hair which is slightly frizzy. Taking the plunge, I went ahead with my appointment (minus the keratin) at 'KSL' and finished up with Brazilian Hair Treatment + Highlights + Hair Root colour + Nail colour + 25 minutes mini-facial . Staff was friendly, courteous, attentive and not rushed as there were not many customers present at the time. Of course they did charge extra for the Brazilian Hair Treatment + Highlights. It was a job well done. I simply love my new look. Totally worth every penny. I had been to 'Dessange' in Bahrain and done only highlights and colour for Dhs. 800, who just ruined my hair as the stylist had too many customers to attend to. I would visit KSL again and would suggest that you simply know in your mind what you want, do some research about the look or style (thank you Google) and take the suggestions of the staff on advise but stick with whatever you decide to do.

$$$ $$

Femme Elegante Ladies Salon

Terrible experience. The staff is very disorganised and the manager . Waste of money and time. I don't recommend it at all.

$ $$$$

 Dubai, UAE
Talise Ottoman Spa Zabeel Saray

Talise spa on the palm is not the best place to go for deep cleansing facial, I phoned to make sure its n proper deep cleansing (pressing ect) and the lady assured me it is,when I did the treatment the lady barley pressed anything, just put a mask, the receptionist then asked me how it was and I told her not very good, she said she will investigate and phone me back,still haven't heard a thing till date!very expensive price for very poor service was not even offered a drink had to go and find someone to get a bottle of water!will not go back soon

$$$$ $

 Dubai, UAE
Naturopathy Touch

I went to that spa without checking reviews about it which was a big mistake. U bought 6 sessions package I have done 4 sessions and now I have been waiting for 2 months for my next sessions every time they call last minute and tell me the machine for ipl is not working and give me appointment after 2 or 3 weeks and again when the date come same thing. Im really upset with their service. I also got burned on my lip due to their laser and they told me sorry the therapist didnt mean it and I need to put cream and it will go. I took 2 weeks and I still have mark now on my lip and when I asked about manager they said she is outside the country for 3 weeks.
definitely not recommending this place ever to anyone

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