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Dubai is a city with a great many pampering options, so whether you want a soothing body treatment or a chic new hairstyle, there’ll be something to satisfy that spa craving. Some high-end hotels and health clubs in the city offer the full range of services in one place, from massages to manicures, so you can be assured of a thoroughly relaxing day. The best news is, YaDig users will be the first to tell you where’s good to go in Dubai for that star treatment.

Hair styling in Dubai
Dubai caters for both men and women when it comes to hair care and men can benefit from barbers around the city in handy locations like Dubai Marina and the DIFC Trade Center.
Ladies’ salons are plentiful too, and not only deal with hair design and colouring but also the latest hair conditioning treatments such as Botox. Beauty Plus Ladies Salon and Senses Salon are both top-rated in the YaDig community and they both deal with a range of beauty requirements.... read more

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 Dubai, UAE
Address Beauty Salon
23 hours ago 

Very good hairdresser from turkey. My blow dry was perfect and stayed long time. Highly recommend it, I didn't try anything else except blow dry so I don't know about the other services. I wish they had some packages like other salons to go back more often coz I blow dry 2-3 times a week.

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 Dubai, UAE

Recently, went for Full body massage , It was really a greatt experience. Great Ambience, loved the overall experience. Must try !!

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Senses Salon

This place is extremely unprofessional! Probably the worst experience we've had. I gifted my sister a caviar manicure a day before her birthday and also got it done myself when we went. I had bought a deal online for this. When we reached nobody informed us that it isn't long lasting at all. As soon as we got home, my sister's caviar manicure already starting chipping off even before her birthday! By the time her birthday arrived, the caviar fell out of one FULL hand. So she had bare nails on one hand and half chipped caviar nails on the other hand on her birthday!! Wow!

When I called to inform them, the other receptionist (the only good part about this "salon" is the first receptionist who was present when we went who was very warm and friendly) just started laughing when I complained to her and said "this is normal don't worry."

They said we could drop by to fix it but when I tried to reschedule the appointment, she firmly said "We are busy till Eid and you can come after that"... that's when I asked them "WHY DO YOU GUYS ADVERTISE A TREATMENT WHICH DOES NOT EVEN LAST A NIGHT?" and when a client complains you laugh and say it is normal for ur treatments to not last even a night??? Well then at least inform us so you don't ruin someone's birthday when she has matched her nails to her birthday look for her special evening!
Extreme disappointment and unprofessional attitude.

Avoid going there guys, its a waste of your money! Which reminds me, when I asked for a refund she kept interrupting me and firmly, abruptly said "drop by after eid to fix your nails"

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Nail Station Bar

went to the place using a gift certificate i received ..went in for a blow-dry with threading ..the bar is greatly structured.the blow-dry was complimentary (in the certificate) was pretty quick and they didn't wash my hair looks like they were in a rush..the lady who did it was pretty friendly though sadly the blow-dry didn't last long..threading was alright although she started doing it without asking me where i actually need it ...making me wonder how hairy i actually look..prices are outrageous ..didn't look that bad for threading only but i wouldn't pay that much money for just a blow-dry..staff were neither very friendly nor rude..although i couldn't get a change for 100 so i couldn't tip them..i would say next time but not sure if there will be a next time..recommended if
you stay in mirdif ..
cant get an appointment anywhere else.
.or well if money isn't an issue..


Hair Station Ladies Salon

great salon..effective service..brought a deal from groupon,,staff is extremely friendly and efficient..blow dry lasted for 10 days..totally cost effective..cant get an appointment at the last minute especially during the festive holidays so book in advance ..especially if you stay close by..would definitely recommend

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