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Sassy Lashes Beauty Lounge
1 hour ago 

I love the services and staff! They are quiet nice and friendly! My hair was highlighted and colored by Jane! She knows how things goes and how to fix a disaster haircut! I definitely recommend her to anyone! She knows all about latest hair trends so she gave me a sombre- soft ombre (light to dark) look of chocolate blonde! You can find my pic on their facebook page :)
-Komal :)

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 Dubai, UAE
Nadia Beauty Style
1 hour ago 

Nadia salon - Worst salon in dubai with a very rude and arrogant manager named (salwa). I had a kertain treatment done, next day I noticed my hair started to fall out and I was told to keep this treatment in my hair for another 48hours, I could not take the risk of losing my hair, so instead I went to another salon near to my home for advise as Nadia salon was a 45 min drive away and I had work in a couple of hours, they told me the treatment in my hair was making my hair fall and it looked and felt like straw, I was so embarrassed with my hair, the stylist did a hair treatment to repair the damage - the treatment carried out did not work and she had to then CUT of my hair, I had no choice but to have a BOY CUT I was so depressed and distort at the whole experience. I rang the salon and told them what had happen, but I had to wait to speak to the manager I rang at 10am and rang several times throughout the day and the manager did not call back until I rang again late evening and then she rang me back, she was very rude and abrupt on the phone and started to shout as I explained what had happened. I was then told to book a appointment so they can assess the damage and burnt hair - I then went back to the salon and was given a treatment - half way through the treatment the manager came up to me in a very rude and unprofessional manner and accused me of colouring my hair - when I did not, she then stopped the treatment and started bad mouthing me in front of staff and customers, at this point I was so shocked and embarrassed , I just walked up and went to the reception area - where again she started to Bad mouth me in front of the staff and customer, she started to raise her voice again loudly and her body language was becoming very negative and aggressive, I then just had enough of the ill treatment experienced from this manager and walked out..

A very unprofessional salon - very a aggressive manager, action should be taken against them , as a Muslim women it is not acceptable for myself to have a a boy cut hairstyle, as my hair takes time to grow.

The salon did not to a strand test or patch test prior and the staff who carried out the treatment had a white beautician uniform on as to the normal black, Was she a qualified hairdresser? Who know! if so checks need to be carried out. I think the ministry need to a full inspection in to this salon.

There has been several complaints prior with the keratin treatments carried out at this salon, check below.


The Polish Room

First off this location is located at 21b, Dubai, UAE.

As soon as I entered this shop I was greeted right away and offered a beverage to drink. Extremely nice thing as most salons back home don’t really offer anything while you wait your turn. I came to this shop to do a manicure and pedicure. My technician was fantastic in helping me choose the right color as for I can be slightly hesitant at times.

Normally a pet peeve of mine is a dirty salon I hate them. But rest assured when I came to this place it was spot-less. The pedicure chairs are nice and big which also helps you get into that relax state of mind as your being pampered. They also offer facials and haircuts as for I just cut my hair I will have to come back and try these two services on another day.

Overall, my experience was excellent! So I would highly recommend them for any manicures or pedicure as for their service is great, and the quality is excellent as well.

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 Dubai, UAE
En Vogue Beauty Center

I bought the voucher few days back but never thought of reading the reviews before going there. My appt was today and I read the negative reviews last night and freaked out completely...I started considering alternatives but still wanted to give En Vogue a chance. I'm juz back from the salon and the experience was wonderful! I expected it to take 5-6 hours but I was out in 2.5hrs looking much better than I expected :) The staff was very polite and knew their job very well...the place was crowded but the staff was multi-tasking superbly coz of the supervisor...I have no idea why it has such bad reviews...I really loved the service :)

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Afrodita Ladies Salon

I was looking for a good salon for quite some time. Especially for hair dresser. And found this salon the best in all the aspects. Recommend!

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