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Best Italian Restaurants in Al Zahra, Jeddah

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1. Sbarro

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Al Zahra
Az Zahra- Batarji Branch

Al Zahra
Batterji St,Near Saudi German Hospital

Al Zahra
Diner's Square Center

Al Zahra
Etwal Mall, Al Malik Rd

Al Zahra
King Road, Stars Avenue Mall

Al Zahra
Etwal Mall, Al Malik Rd, Al Zahra

Al Zahra
4144 Batterjee street, Al Zahra

Al Zahra
3567 Khalil Bik Al Ajjan, Az Zahra

Italian Restaurants (Reviews)

 Jeddah, KSA


I went to the branch in Andalus Mall. It is disgusting!

I ordered the most expensive salad called Misto and it ended up to be a filty mix of brown vegetables with a smell of garbage! Absolutly shameful...
The employees working there do not even take in count that Paninos is supposed to be a healty and fresh restaurant/fast food.
I just a bite of tomato from the salad.... OMG puaaahhhh!!! Spit it back immediatly and having a mouthwash to the bathroom.

This is the last time I go to Paninos! I took a small pizza with it. It was ok... or let's say now that it appeared to be OK. I cannot imagine in which condition its ingredients were kept before cooking it.

This is a shame and my last advice: do not any credit about the Expiry date they put under their salad! It is a lie. They hand-write anything to make you believe their products are fresh when in fact EXPIRED!!!!

$$$ $$

 Jeddah, KSA
Fratelli Lounge

Nice place, good ambiance, friends service however shisha(hookah) is over priced, quite outrageous.


 Jeddah, KSA
Il Villaggio Restaurant

Traditional Italian Restaurant

$$$ $$

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