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Afrina Beauty Salon and Henna Center

Afrina Beauty Salon used to be located on Al Marijah Street, Al Jubail Area in sharjah, it was a two storey set up within a residential building - not bad at all size wise nor organization wise. Now they have moved to a bigger and better venue at Al Qasimi Street opposite the new “My City Centre” – Nasseriya area. They have leased a huge villa and made it their own. The move really makes sense as their services are excellent and they have much demand. They cater to a very wide spectrum of beauty needs – nails, hair, makeup , face treatment – you name it they got it. Had gone there for a Brazilian keratin treatment, having mid - back length hair, it cost me a whopping AED 2,500 to get it done, but it was so worth it. My hair was really brittle and completely falling out before the treatment, but thanks to Afrinait’sA-okay. The hair therapist was very diligent; she made sure I was comfortable (the procedure take 2 hours in all) ,gave me all the necessary information about the treatment, what it does, how long it was expected to last , the aftertreatment care – such a professional.If and when I do manage to get together the same amount will definitely be going back – the results were fantastic.I totally owe them three inches of hair growth but let make this clear keratin does NOT make your hair grow, but repairs it and makes it much easier to manage hence less hair fall.

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Orchid Beauty Boutique

The Orchid Beauty Boutique is located within Sharjah Ladies club, opposite the Supreme Council for family affairs. As the name obviously states the salon is themed around an orchid – they take a lot of license with the color schemes, really (Am a marketer so I can’t help noticing these branding details – it’s in my veins). I like their professionalism, when you book an appointment – you book an appointment, no one else will take your slot, you will not be stuck waiting for hours, they actually stick to the schedule and even call to confirm your appointment. A keratin treatment costs AED 1000-1500 depending on the length of your hair, lasts much longer compared to when done in other places. A recent incident that happened about a week ago, one of older patrons of the place did not notice two steps that take a person to the treatment rooms section of the salon, she tripped, did like a side ward somersault then splat on the her bottom. If she weren’t such an elderly person this would have been really funny. She seemed to be in immense pain, so a group of us helped her up (she was quite large hence the group) then called in the resident paramedics to see to her. I don’t think she was hurt very badly but she kinda seemed dazed when we seated her. Her head did not make contact with anything (luckily) so I would not say that these were signs of a concussion but maybe shock? I didn’t hang around to hear what the paramedics had to say so unfortunately this story will be left hanging ….

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Thailand Massage Centre

When I went there I was looking for an affordable massage option in Sharjah, to address a lot of aches and pains in my back due to spending way too many hours in front of the computer. The Thailand massage centre was recommended by a friend at the gym and I duly headed there after a Zumba session. It is located on Corniche Road, near Dana Beach, Villa # 373. Beautiful villa with lots of green and for some in explainable reason the men’s section is the main villa and the women’s sections is a tiny after thought towards the side of the main building. You are required to remove your shoes when you enter and they only offer a Thai traditional massage at AED 100. The rooms are actually sections covered with very thick curtains though they give absolute privacy they do nothing to keep the sounds out. One woman was conducting business dealings and employee appraisal on the mobile the whole time she was getting her massage. The masseur was a tiny woman, and she really could not get any of the knots out nor get me properly stretched. I don’t know why though because upon entering I found another much larger woman and asked her how their massages where, she said they were fantastic and that I would feel too sleepy to drive back home. Nah, nothing of that sort, was bored throughout, and irritated with the blabber mouth woman to my right (in a different secluded section) and all together a useless endeavor.

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 Dubai, UAE
Saray Nails Care

it is the best Nail Care and Beauty SPA i have ever seen and experienced in Sharjah. WOW service and very reasonable prices.

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 Dubai, UAE
Lamsat Heba Ladies Center

I visited many times n ecery times it was great experience.i tried many saloon but this saloon is best for Spa and Hair cut treatment in sharjah in reasonable rates. She charge only 50 for a professional hair cut

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AtaUllah if some one want her hair too much straight and shiny no need to go saloon we have brazilian keratin 100 percent surely and trustible working and never demage the hair guranty and we are responsible for that if some one need then contact me : 00971503017209 for more detail

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AtaUllah iour company name lanolin and i am sales executive in the company: my bbm is 2b1fc261

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