Pizza Pub

Went there with a cobone offer else i would not have found out the shop, it is located deep inside Satwa, behind Ramada Jumeirah hotel and not easily visible from road. the shop was quite small filled with chairs and tables in the inside as well a outside. The place is not very fancily furnished or arranged just a simple room. We ordered take away pizzas and had to wait wait wait wait that went on for like about an hour or more to get three pizzas from their kitchen. There are few or just one person for welcome service and taking orders, but that is OK as the treatment was well and good. So after long wait, the pizza tasted good, i have to say, it was tasty enuf but garlic bread tasted like something else...Pizza was very fulfilling and tasty i have to admit it..the base was vey thin which made you eat more:-). The cheese was less but thankgod for that...less fat :-P

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Dosa n Chutny

This is a one of a kind restaurants if u love Dosa, if not dont worry you will start to love it, I assure you! This place has all kinds of variety Dosa's in the planet veggies, egg, chicken,beef, mutton, pasta, noodles, name it..there are lots and lots of Dosa's which i am sure we have never tasted. Their presentation is what is very amazing, depending on the Dosa the platter changes in style. Their coffee especially filter coffee tastes amazing and the ambience and service is also great and they are always ready for you for any order you make. The price is also very nominal but please make sure that you dont take a parcel, take time sit there (you wont need to wait long) and enjoy the scrumptious and delicious dosa's of your life Enjoy

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Rainbow Steak House

Me and my family visited this restaurant in Sharjah called rainbow Steak house. The journey was tiring amidst the traffic to reach sharjah.The ambience is kinda dark butvery soothing and calm. the service is outstanding and they are always ready to help you out. Now the main part the food, it was a buffet dinner and there were five sections like salads, starters & soup, main course, desserts. We dint realize the enormous quantity of food we had to gulp down until we began the feast, Started off with various kinds of salads from fruits, tabouleh, fresh greens, seafood salad,pickle, sauce, dips and many more...frgot all the names plus different kind sof bread. Then we had soup (veg & non-veg available) the small snacks like samosa, stir fried veggies, pizza, rolls etc in veg and non veg. Amidst all this they placed kebabs,fish and prawns also on our table.In maincourse, there were tons of varieties of seafood like crab, prawns, fish, oyster, musels then beef,chicken, vegetables . MY lord!!! Don't forget the rice also, biriyani, mutton biriyani, plain rice & dal, fried rice if you are a foodie,i seriously challenge you to eat all the food there and we are not done!!!Different types of cakes, pastries, ice creams, sweets and more. If you can eat all this, the price is not very high for you comes in a reasonal 80-85 per person. let me know your experience P.S: i felt the food was cold and not warm enuf

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