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The Yas Hotel

For some strange reason I misread this as the Yes Hotel the first time around, and was intrigued enough to have to try it out when the chance beckoned. The taxi driver got it right though. The place is OK and so is the food and drinks. They have not as yet said No to a reasonable request.  

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People By Crystal

Rapidly getting to be one of he more popular places in Dubai- however the true dance youth still prefer the Garage or Sensations. However if you have nowhere else to go on a weekend and are keen to meet new people, this is the place to do it. Food and drinks are Ok though.

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Bahri Bar

Vow this place is really good and it shows by the A-class crowd here on most evenings. The view offers a sight of Dubai lit up at night that is splendid, and the food and drinks are simply excellent. One of the best places in Dubai.

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Bice Ristorante

I used to think this was Bice and rhymed with Spice, but now I know its something like Bee-chay. God knows what that rhymes with. You figure, I just love the food and drinks they serve here every day of the week. The crowd and music aren't bad too.

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Ahla Al Layali Coffee Shop

OK so the name is Arabian and I can't pronounce it. That does not stop me from venturing to taste the coffee and other delicacies this place has on offer. It has achieved some sort of cult following among the locals. Quite good I must say.

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Cafe Shakala

I can find nothing wrong about this place. The owners depended on the crowd that visit the mall of the Emirates, and rightly so. There is no equally good coffee shop for miles around- at least of my liking. The place does a roaring business especially for those who have tried the snowing rink at the mall.

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Healey's Bar & Terrace

The next time you are stuck in traffic in the middle of a hot afternoon on Shaikh Zayed Road, I sincerely recommend that you hop out of your car and try this place. Its so good I got lost in the decor and the atmosphere, so much so that I forgot where I parked my car. I had some wine with chicken vindaloo.

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Healey's Bar & Terrace

Healey's Bar & Terrace (Business Owner): Hello there! Much belated, many thanks for your comments! We're glad you enjoyed your visit and hope to see you again in the future! All the best, the team from Healey's & the Bonnington Jumeirah Lakes Towers

02/07/2012 - Report

Lobby Lounge and Terrace - The Ritz Carlton Dubai

La Brioche... I am not sure what that means in French, but for me it has turned out to be a blessing. What more could a confirmed bachelor want but a cup of hot coffee, breads, pastries and something sweet on a hot Dubai morning. Splendid.

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This really made me feel I am in Europe. Looks like I am in Turkey facing the Blue Mosque and floating near the waters of the Bosphorus. Anyway you get the similar feeling of enchantment here. Atmosphere is romantic so don't come here alone. Food and wine is excellent as the scenic view.

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The Cigar Bar

Ahh my most favorite hangout in the whole you Cigar your cigars... miss you already...

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