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Dubai Abra Dock

How has no one reviewed Dubai Abra yet? These are the best thing in the world you can do for 1 Dirham. I love that as everything gets more and more expensive here...these guys stay the exact same price they've been for years. I bet 50 years ago it was just a rupee to get across (Quick history lesson for you: Pre-UAE formation Trucial States all used the Indian Rupee as local currency!). This awesome, albeit extremely toxic and stinky travel network of shoddily motored boats will jet you from one side to the other of the creek and is the ultimate display of true old dubai for any visitor or person new to the city. I regularly go down (when the weather is nice, and walk across the souks from Bur Dubai to Deira and no trip is complete without a few Abra rides....simply amazing views and colors at night...the reds and greens all reflect off the black water...it's really magical looking....just don't breath too much as the fumes will make you pass out.

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abs12345 LOL. Great review! Don't forget about the added excitement of the standard abra collision. That happened to me again last week.

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Habtoor Grand Resort and Spa

Habtoor Grand Dubai wins with service. Let me tell you, after 5 years of living in Dubai that most of the 5 Star hotels lack real USPs and I gripe often that they should focus on service as a selling point above other competitors..well finally someone has listened! I spend some time Friday night at Habtoor Grand Resort in Dubai Marina and I realized once I sat down and ordered my shisha and drinks that I had left my shopping bag (Harvey Nichols, need I say more?) in the taxi. I freaked out and considered it gone as I hadn't looked at the number or even company of the taxi. My friend pointed out to me that you can call the hotel and have them check the security cameras and investigate.

So I took her advice and went to the lobby. Explained to security (Omer) about the situation and he told me...go enjoy your shisha let me handle this....I walked away considering it gone as Dubai, usually is notorious for hotel staff promising the world and then....you never see anything.

Well low and behold I get a call in 20 minutes...sir your bag is on its way...please come to the front lobby and pay the taxi driver's fare....YES PLEASE...

Omer was kind, super nice...and above all very helpful. Got my bag back with very little hassle.

Now I can't comment on the quality of the rooms but come on, it's a really nice hotel..the service is why you pick this place over the 2959 other hotels within walking distance of the property.


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Princess Tower

My good friend lives in Princess Tower in Dubai Marina and his 87th floor apartment is aptly priced at 87000AED per year..for a 1 bed. Not horrible pricing I guess but considering the amount of traffic and horrible construction debacle outside it should be reduced currently. The apartment is not large at all but does have a mind numbingly insane view halfway down sheikh zayed road all the way towards Abu Dhabi. 90 floors above the marina and looking down is nuts..it's 30% higher than the viewing deck of the Empire State Building in NYC which he frequently points out. The worst part about living in this building, or at least in his apartment is 0 (zero) mobile phone reception. You have to go out on the balcony to make or receive a phone call and that's just a deal breaker to me.

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Maya Mexican Restaurant in Le Meridien is actually very high end mexican food. A long hot walk from the entrance so get a buggy if you're lazy. Buy one get one (STRONG) margaritas on Saturdays...you only need 3-4 of these to make your night awesome. The prices are tough to swallow if you've ever actually been or lived in Mexico but most things on the menu aren't actually anywhere near what you get in Mexico...in a good way. Very high end again. The toritlla soup was a waste of time, but all the many appetizers we got were awesome and I tried a few random tacos off other people's plates (big group sharing thing went down) and they were impressive as well. Dubai is still lacking a go-to Mexican joint that is somewhere in between Maria Bonitas and this place..that's what we need here.

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Bice Mare

Stunning food. Simple decor. Decent service and wonderful fountain views make this one of the best seafood restaurants I've ever eaten at in Dubai. Certainly one of the priciest as well but for a reason. I am a stickler on the fact that if you're going to charge a fortune you need to show me something that I can certainly not cook for myself and that is what i was delivered for the most part. I ordered the salmon carpaccio as a starter and it was a mistake, it was just smoked salmon laid out on a plate with citrus drippings...still tasted yummy but only because I wasn't paying for it :)

For a main I ordered the Baked Turbot fillet with all kinds of interestingly cut veggies and again a citrusy feel to it...excellent quality fish, presented beautifully...(Please see photo) and paired by myself with a Chilean Sauvignon Blanc quite well actually! I was pretty proud of my budding wine aficionado self. All in all a fantastic meal in a very quiet and intimate setting. I give it 5 stars for sure.

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Organic Foods and Cafe

I see that the reviews below are based solely on the dining experience which I cannot vouch for either way. What I can say is that if you are able to overlook the prices of the items (they are worth it though and you have to assume that their mark ups are probably less than their in-organic competitors, these are costly products to produce), then you will have a stunningly unique shopping experience. I stopped in for burgers and left with 450AED worth of bath, cleaning, and cooking products that have already made a difference in my life. I swear, a little more investment in things like body wash, goes a long way when it's all organic. Go back here though for the burgers, O M G. Two giant 100% organic beef burger patties were like 22AED and enough to feed two very hungry dudes...along with a 2AED organic wheat bun, a few organic tomatoes and some organic mature cheddar cheese...Can't beat it! Love this place, not the best location though...tough to get to from Marina with the exception of weekends. If they delivered for orders over 200AED or something they'd double their business.

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La Clinique ME

I heard about La Clinique polyclinic in JLT first through the review below but then when I saw a groupon voucher I snapped at the chance to check the clinic out. The location is pretty great if you work and or live around Marina or JLT as its directly across from a metro station and the parking is still free in that cluster miraculously.I have to say I was very surprised at the upscale interior and cleanliness. This looks like a very posh salon and has the cleanliness of a 5 star hotel, even the restrooms. The attention to detail is impressive, with artwork and a general minimalistic approach to the entire motif. The staff is friendly and inviting and most importantly never make you feel awkward for purchasing a deal, which is what makes me want to go back the most. The service was amazing and I must have been there for about an hour, that's a very thorough job I must say. My teeth are sparkling! Thanks La Clinique ME I will come back for sure!

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iFly Dubai

A really fun and unique experience. Great instructors. Very safe and clean and professional and not too time consuming either. Can easily be done in between a day of shopping at the mall. No need to book in advance just roll down there...go directly to Ifly and then go eat and/or shop while you wait your turn. Such a thrilling one of a kind rush really cannot recommend Ifly enough. Use the entertainer vouchers if you have it.

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Kamilia Polyclinic

I cannot believe I am the first person to review Kamilia Polyclinic. The staff of the clinic in Tecom is very nice. Dr. Nabila is professional, respectful and a really nice person. She made me feel very comfortable and relaxed and the procedure was not painful at all. I asked many questions and she is very knowledgeable about the laser and the dos and donts so that put me at ease greatly. Kamilia Polyclinic is very clean and easy to find but parking is a nightmare around this building..I had to park on the sand. Also its very difficult to schedule an appointment with them because they ran too many groupon deals but they are nice and worth the wait. I would recommend them.

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The Palm Jumeirah

The Palm Jumeirah is a city in and of itself. It has thousands of villas and apartments and hundreds of restaurants and hotels. It's a bit of a pain to get on and off of but if you're a tourist its a must to visit the palm and most likely the Atlantis Hotel Palm Jumeirah as well. Lots of cool stuff here like Bidi Bondi bar and there's a new park opening up as well on Palm Jumeirah Island.

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