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Operation Falafel
7 hours ago 

I would say it is a nicer version of Just Falafal. I like what the guys are trying to do hear, don't get me wrong I like Just Falafal as well, but these guys offer more then falafel. I had the chicken shawerma, basket of falafel and zatar. All 3 were really good so no complaints on the food nor the service. I can definitely see they guys popping up all over town.

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Little Bangkok

As Thai delivery restaurants go in Dubai Little Bangkok is good. They delivered in their time frame which was 45 minutes and nothing was missing or wrong with my order. Price wise they are reasonable, for 3 different dishes it came out to be about 130 which was good sense I did not have to pick it up and the food was good and hot.

I ordered the dumplings, red curry, rice and pad thai.

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McGettigan's Irish Pub

We came last night for some drinks and a quick bite and it was already busy by 7pm. I will say the food was excellent. I had the wagyu tacos and they were out of this world, plus you get 8 of them, which they are little but definitely enough. McGettigan's definitely has pub by atmosphere but it is a higher end of pub so it is a good vibe. All in all it was a great quick evening the only thing it is pretty smokey.

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South St Burger Co

For a fast food burger place it was not that fast. It is nice that they actually cook your burger when you order it on a grill but it took about 15 minutes to get it. However I do like the concept South st Burger Co has going on. It basically is the Subway of the burger world. You basically order your burger and what type of bread you want, either white or wheat, then you get to choose your toppings which there are about 30 of them. I had the jalapeno, sweet onion, cheddar, avocado and salsa cheeseburger. The burger was big and spicy and tasted good, plus instead of fries I had the onion rings which were really good. The only negative part was the bun fell apart, I hate that. Burger, onion rings and a water came out to be 47AED which was a little steep for a fast food burger restaurant.

I forgot to mention this which I did not do, you can add butter chicken on top of your fries…WOW. Holy heart attack!

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Bidi Bondi

Bidi Bondi is an ok place. I would not go out of your way to get here but if you are in the area and you are looking for a pint and hamburger I would give it a try. I tried the hamburger this weekend and it was good. The bar/restaurant reminds me of a place that has been around for a long time and it is time for them to change or refurbish the interior. It has that 'local' pub feel to it and I assume everyone that was in here probably lives within walking distant.

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I only eat KFC like twice a year and it is a love hate relationship. It taste so good but the consequences are always there. We all know what KFC is and that it is not good for you but it still draws me in, usually when I am hungover. Thanks for being cheap and adding to my waist line.

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The Warehouse Gym

I agree with all the other reviews regarding The Warehouse Gym, probably the best gym in Dubai. What I like the most about it is that its big. Some of the other gyms I have tried you feel restricted because either the ceiling is not that high or overall it is not that big. Warehouse is spacious plus is not super packed so you are not fighting or usually waiting to get on a machine or weights. If you are looking for a proper gym thin this is the place to be.

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Societe Club

The more clubs Dubai opens somehow they get filled. I tried Societe Dubai last Tuesday and it was extremely busy. We came in to check out the buzz about this place and got exactly what we thought. It was extremely over crowed, difficult to get a drink and smokey. Saying that sometimes that is exactly what you are in the mood for. The music was good and everyone seemed to be having a great time. Next time I feel like getting down and dirtyI will be calling up Societe again.

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Dubai Abra Dock

I bring all my out of towners down to Dubai Abra Dock's, if you don't it's a sin. It is a great experience and your guest will get wonderful feel for old Dubai. They can be a little nerve racking with all the hustle and bustle of all the boats coming and going but don't worry you will live. A perfect day is to take it it from one side to the other and walk across the street to the Gold Souk. After that their are plenty of restaurants along both side of the creek to eat.

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Reform Social and Grill

My girlfriend and I came to Reform this weekend for lunch and it was decent. The bar and restaurant was great and reminded me of a nice english brasserie but honestly there was kids everywhere. Not the good quit kids but the loud running around kids. I guess it does not help that they are located in the recreational center of this development where there is a pool and picnic area. The food was not bad, the mac and cheese was good but my pork chop was over cooked. I was really excited about the pork chop because not that many places in Dubai serve it. Value for money it was a little high for what we got, around 200 dirhams a person.

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