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Al Baik

the most traditional meal in the region of saudi arabia clean , delicious , low cost .
its fit price for public people with excellent service and clean atmosphere

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Student Biryani

My favorite Biryani spot!
Absolutely excellent biryani. A tad on the greasy side but bursting with flavour. My go-to take-away spot! You can order, pay and leave within 5 minutes with a hot box of biryani.

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Park N Shop

Pretty nice place with many advantages like they have a fresh bakery in there, some ready made lunch items like sandwiches, different kind of rice, noodles and even curry... even though we've have a grocery right next to our building but I always prefer getting stuff from this place.

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Sheikh Faisal Bin Qassim Al Thani Museum

It's a good 40 minutes from Doha by car up the Dukhan Highway to the Al Shahaniya exit (camel races) and then you take the roundabout and come back towards Doha. It's a few miles back down on the right. I generally look for the row of trees to know when the turn is coming up. (I go to the equestrian center out there for lessons thus knowing the landmarks.)

As far as the museum, it's completely free which is really nice. And the people working there are cheerful and friendly. The exhibits are nice pieces but they are very disorganized and don't always make the most sense as far as where they are located in the museum. But it seemed to be pretty well lit and things weren't exactly stacked upon each other. It's a shame that things are marked a bit better.

We are happy that we went. I think you could spend several hours really looking at things, but we were there with our young kids and they were finished in about an hour. We were allowed to go into the fossil exhibit which had to be unlocked for us.

All in all, worth the trip. I mean it's free and there is a lot of Qatar history in that building. It will be much better once they get the cafe and shops built and up and running.

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Museum of Islamic Arts

Exquisite collection of art from Islamic countries, or those that have or have had in the past significant Muslim populations.

The artifacts are housed in an architectural gem of a building on Doha's Corniche.

Fabulous collection, exquisitely presented, gorgeous building, magical terrace, good cafe, gift shop well-stocked with art books and catalogues of the collection.

Don't miss this when in Doha.

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Mandi House

An excellent place for Chicken mandi or mazbi in the quiet neighborhood of Al Barsha.. with huge portions of chicken and rice with hot soup, salad, tomato dip and a yogurt.
The price is affordable about 25 aed for the mandi and 29 aed for mazbi :-)

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Al Baik

The best fast food i have ever had, very nominal prices and awesome food but very crowded. would definitely recommend it.

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arif ghazali

arif ghazali I agree with you

12/07/2012 - Report

Cafe Flo

The food is great.. great steaks have been there many times but the only problem is the service charge they actully charge almost a meal on service (tip) which in my opinion is wrong.

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Nouman Ahmed

Nouman Ahmed agreed, cafe flo should consider the customer views.

25/07/2012 - Report


MissKhan thanks for sharing your experience

26/07/2012 - Report

Indus Foods

The place is usually overcrowded, the food is good but the service is really slow. i recommend this place only visit in weekend

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Bar B Q Tonight

I recommend to go out on the roof top. I had dinner here and its an awesome food with true Karachi touch.


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If I was stranded on an island I would dream about eating..

Biryani, Pizza, Kabab & Manakesh