Baja Fresh Mexican Grill

Totally love this place. I usually go to the one in Deira City Centre and every time I opt for chicken quesadilla (comes with guacemole, sour cream, mexican salsa) and the spicy nacho burrito and lots of nachos with both. Its not only more than filling for two people, it is tasty and very affordable! Next time, I should try the other varieties of burrito.

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En Vogue Beauty Center

Cannot disagree with any of the negative feedback given here for even I was taken for a ride by this salon. They are fooling people by offering huge attractive discounts on different group buying deal sites but when you get their service, you realize that you are actually paying for nothing! I had bought a voucher for keratin treatment+haircut+blow dry. Called up and got an appointment. On reaching the salon, saw a congested place filled with customers and their staff. Had to wait for a long time before getting started. Again, a long pause between hair wash and hair cut. Again another long pause between hair cut and their so called keratin treatment. The guy who did my haircut/ keratin would every now and then vanish for 10-15 minutes. Now coming to the worst part, I can ignore their lack of customer service and the waiting time, etc, but only if they had sincerely done what they claimed in the voucher. They used some cheap product on my hair which was not keratin and asked me to wash my hair after 3 days. Finally after 3 days, when I wash my hair, there is no difference at all. My hair is just the same as it was before their treatment, if not worse. Still frizzy. But I noticed for some customers, they were doing keratin treatment in which they would wash and blow dry then and there itself. I swear I will never again go back to this salon and if these deal sites care about customer satisfaction, they should stop merchandising with such salons.

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LondongirlinDXB I really think something should be done about this Salon. I had the most horrifying ordeal last week. The manager/owner have no idea how to win customers and keep them! I'm trying to contact the DED as they have a consumer department. I think if enough people complain, something may be done. This tricking and bad treatment for customers is just not on, regardless if you pay by voucher or not. Granted those that have had a good experience are in the minority and probably very simple cases (I would guess light hair and short hair!) They also advertise falsely - they don't have a 'ladies section' and they don't have 200 stations either!!!!!

24/06/2013 - Report


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