Armada Women Center & Spa

Wooooooow, just woooooow.. Considering that i am very picky and demanding customer, 75 min massage done by Filipino girl named Adele, was just perfect !!! I was struggling not to fall a sleep, so i can enjoy every second of it. Professional and very friendly staff. Even if you have deal from the internet, you get the full service. I am definitely going back there.. So happy that I found them :) :) :)

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En Vogue Beauty Center
They should be reported here!! After so many bad review, they are not getting any better, but keep posting the deals and robbing people more and more.


LondongirlinDXB Totally agree with you Lily! I really think something should be done about this Salon. I had the most horrifying ordeal last week. The manager/owner have no idea how to win customers and keep them! I'm trying to contact the DED as they have a consumer department. I think if enough people complain, something may be done. This tricking and bad treatment for customers is just not on, regardless if you pay by voucher or not. Granted those that have had a good experience are in the minority and probably very simple cases (I would guess light hair and short hair!) They also advertise falsely - they don't have a 'ladies section' and they don't have 200 stations either!!!!!

24/06/2013 - Report


Shirley Conlon Organics

THE BEST organic and 100% natural products you can find in UAE and further.. Really changed the texture of my skin.. Rose Hip Oil the BEST to combine with any cream, but i recommend Shirley's "Fountain Of Youth" cream!!
Thank you Shirley for developing such amazing range of quality products. :)))))

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Ok, after my last review i ordered salad again and I have to say... Wooooow.. Amazing salad, amazing dressing, amazing portions.. I could barely eat Junior size meal... So, this one gets 5 stars.. :)))) LOVE IT

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Hmmm... Don't know what to think.. I ordered two salads yesterday around 1 pm for the first time and after more than an hour called to check where is my lunch. They told me they have to check and call me back. After 15 min they called telling that they have a problem in the kitchen and that salads are sill with them! If i want, they can deliver in 30 min!!!!! I cancelled the order, very angry and frustrated! After 20 min they called me again, apologizing and offering free salads tomorrow. So, I finally got my salad today and i am pretty sure that it is the same one that supposed to be delivered yesterday, waiting in the fridge all night and day!!!!!!!! I can tell by the green leafs that it is not fresh at all.. My colleague throw his in the garbage because of the smell!!! I just can not believe that after all the good reviews about this place, they can afford to deliver two days old salads!!!!!! I will order tomorrow just to double check them!

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AbuDhabiStu Yea the service isn't too good there but the food is amazing. I've never done delivery since they can barely get it right when you are standing there...but the food quality is amazing for "fast" food. Better to walk there.

09/10/2012 - Report


En Vogue Beauty Center

OMG, this salon should be closed ASAP and all the staff should get ban!!!! THE WORST experiences ever in my life.. Two times!!!!!! First time: massage shorter by 10 min, facial shorter by 15 min, worst haircut in my life, done by male stylist, who btw barely spoke any English and washed my hair in 2 seconds leaving me with worst dandruff after!!! Told myself that I will never gonna come back, but yet I did gave them second chance.. BIG MISTAKE!!! Second time: Cobone deal (KERATIN, root coloring, haircut, manicure, brow treading).. After manicure I ended up still having my old nail polish on my nails! Root coloring was done with WRONG color!!!! I am obviously black, but ended up with dark brown roots and with color all around my face, since the Filipino girl barely put any Vaseline around my hairline!! While waiting for 30 min with color on my hair, I asked girl, who was passing by me, for some magazines and just got the look from her side, but no magazines though!! After complaining at the reception that the service is very bad, I got complementary tea (not sure that someone didn't spit in it)!! Than haircut was done ok, after directing the guy what he should NOT to do, like last time! After that almost ended up with no keratin treatment, since 5 of the staff already changed and no one knew what I am there for........

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oyah can you swear everything you say in the name of your family, If you loose half of you hair why don't you sue them. and why did you allow the chemicals on your face. how can you have manicure without taking out your old polish? do you think people reading here are stupid. the waiting time maybe true because its always full, but everything you said are lies. Get real

24/10/2012 - Report


Lily Well if you are THAT smart, feel free to go to that salon and enjoy your treatment.. I'm not only customer that left that salon angry and disappointed.. So GET REAL!!!

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