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Koyla Lounge & Cafe

Terrible lighting, Shisha is just ok, Staff are very rude, often you have to keep asking staff for coal replacements repeatedly, food is garbage, Keep playing junk songs over and over & bore you to death. House DJ will take request & never paly them, Very Expensive, lack of parking hence forcing you to pay for the valet parking. Despite having empty tables available they force you to sit in corners or in less comfortable areas.. making a reservation is useless because you wont get what you ask for ever. Priority seating just for freinds of the staff or the owner rest are treated like animals. Worst experience every time I went there. Dont waste your time & effort with you can go to so many nice places & be treated with the respect you deserve.


baggerbilla totally disagree with massguy. Staff is rude..?!! Ha most sweet staff i have seen.. lighting is dark, but each table has its own light. Shisha just ok..??!!@@@#$$## ha ha ha

08/07/2012 - Report


sweetshweeta Disagree with massguy. i go there often and whenever i reserve a table i get it.. they are nice its just that you need to reserve the table and inform them which table is available and ask for the VIP lounge believe me it works.

15/10/2012 - Report


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