Al Farran

nice place, nice food, but have no idea why on the main sign it says SINCE 2012 its kind funny, specially if you know they just opened last december

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Al Farran

Al Farran (Business Owner): Thanks for your nice words, Wsam

30/01/2013 - Report

Al Hakoura Restaurant and Cafe

I walked off thinking will just continue this lovely evening walking the walk, which we enjoy, but we few minutes later we came across another new restaurant: Al Hakwrah, Jordanian restaurant has authentic Syrian dishes, we were greeted with very large smile happy faces no one noticed our bottle so we sit really comfortably, the waiter came chat up a little about his menu, then the Aleppo born waiter noticed our bottle, he offered to bring glasses with ice cubes, I told him its ok its for the stroll we can take your water, he said drink yours if wanted more we will get you more, may I just bring to the attention that in six years living in Dubai, a waiter actually made me smile, and very comfortable that I just couldn’t stop chatting with him?? Well the food was chosen and arrived, and I will not lie, we had first Shawarma, the restaurant sent us complimentary soup, the Shawarma was absolutely the best I have ever tasted in UAE, but in fact the rest of the food was not as good, however; we were extremely happy and satisfied with service even the food, when we got the bill, the two fresh squeezed Orange juice were not added, I called up on them and Manager was thankful, but they insist they heard that we weren’t satisfy totally with the food and they wish to keep the orange juice on the house even it costs 21AED each The fact Al Hakwarah was not half as big as Reem Al Bawadi, but with wise Management did bring comfort and satisfaction.

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Reem Al Bawadi

It is very settle, that’s what I thought when I saw the new restaurant: Reem Al Bawadi in Marina walk, just opened, you can see waiters with that beautiful orient Lebanese Mediterranean custom rushing in and out trying to get things in order, while I was walking down the street in that lovely evening, I told my friend, what do you think we try this restaurant; I have heard they have good food! She nodded yeah! Why not!! When you live in Marina, you get used to taking a lot of long walks along the marine-side that Marina Walk stretches up to 3km and you must have water, otherwise you’ll dehydrate, we walked in the restaurant, seems fantastic, with big smile the waitress asked us to put our bottle of water a side, and take it when we leave, I came to find it little uncomfortable for new restaurant to basically greet a big eater like myself with such, I told her; I was passing by and I decided to try your restaurant, this is just my water, you can add restaurant water on my table am ok with that, I still need my water next to me, it only reasonable to have your opened bottle with you, otherwise no point of taking it back. She called up her manager, and the Manger absolutely lacked any manners, I choose to leave but, I left with sincere foul wind tackled my ears, a well-known cuss in Arabic weighs of a very dirty and foul mouth, it was so dirty that I am really feeling shy to even describe it, and you are the judge

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