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Bestro is a great addition to the Dubai Mall dining scene and the Dubai food scene overall. As a vegetarian with a penchant for eating vegan, it's nice to have a place where you don't need to question every dish on the menu. The mylk shakes were great (I had a banana one, my dining partner had the cocoa one) and really tasty. Food-wise, we had the zucchini "spaghetti", which were outstanding and would not be out of place in a more mainstream restaurant, and also the shrooms, which were very good, too.
Don't miss out on the desserts. I had the chocolate fondant and it was awesome, filled with some sort of almond milk cream.
The owner Hayley is indeed super sweet and helpful. There's also a small pantry next to the restaurant where you can buy vegan products.
Bestro does a great job in showcasing raw vegan cooking - don't be put off by labels if you're not vegan or vegetarian; give it a try next time you're in Dubai Mall, and see for yourself.

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Bestro (Business Owner): Thanks so much, makes me so happy that you enjoyed the food! Thanks for taking the time to review us. We have a yummy Maple Syrup & Pecan No Cheese cake on this weekend, plus a Wild Mushroom Tart with Kale Salad so please pop in if you are near the mall! So much love, Hayley x

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YaaaaaHooooo Hi Hayley! Thanks for your reply! Will definitely pop in again next time I'm in Dubai Mall. I also just added your place to happycow.net - they run a worldwide directory of vegan & vegetarian places. Check it out.

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UBK - Urban Bar & Kitchen

So I went to UBK at the Moevenpick JLT for the first time recently for some drinks and a bite to eat with a friend. I'm not really surprised that the place wasn't on YaDig yet, because it just, well, average. Compared to McGettigan's in JLT, UBK certainly isn't a destination bar - that's to say, I wouldn't really go out of my way to go there from somewhere else in the city.
The space is nice enough, it's just a little confused as if it doesn't yet know what it wants to be - a pub or a cocktail bar.
The beer selection is okay - bonus points for having London Pride on tap. The food menu is large(ish), although sadly lacking in choice for non-meat eaters (even their french fries are fried in beef fat). The service is okay. There is an outside area, but oddly enough it doesn't have anything in it. I mean, there are no chairs, tables, or indeed anything outside - just an empty space.
Overall then? By all means if you're there anyway, else perhaps probably not.

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Cafe Belge

I went here for lunch yesterday and I agree, it's a great venue. Very stylish, sufficiently and pleasantly upmarket from perhaps slightly similar concepts. Great outside area, too. The food was outstanding, albeit that there aren't a lot of veggie options.
Regardless of what starters or main courses you pick, do not forget to order the Dame Blanche dessert. It's fab and I wish I'd taken a video of it (it's kind of interactive in the beginning, in the sense that it virtually implodes on your plate). Good stuff.

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LuLu Hypermarket

I don't usually write reviews for supermarkets, but I felt I should make an exception for Lulu's in Al Barsha. I popped in for a spot of grocery shopping the other day and I have to say that Lulu has hands down the best selection of vegetarian and vegan food items of all the big supermarkets in Dubai. I picked up some really nice stuff, which I never saw at any of the other places I usually do my shopping at.
I'll certainly pop in again!

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Mozzo Centrale

I went here for dinner last night, more or less by accident really, because the restaurant we wanted to go to had disappeared.
This new Italian eatery occupies the space previously used by the Central Perk Cafe right next to Maria Bonita's.
They have a nice outside area and the menu is good, too. They're also one of the few restaurants to offer a creative children's menu, i.e. not just a list of deep fried stuff, and they offer smaller portions of their juices for children.
Service was very friendly and the food was fresh and tasted great. We had gnocchi (nicely home-made with an awesome sauce without cream/dairy) and two different pizzas (good size, nice and thin base). The total bill for 3 adults and a child came to just over AED 200, so it doesn't break the bank.
All in all, it's a place I would pop in again if I'm in the area.

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AL Maha Desert Resort and Spa

This is without a doubt one of the best hotels I have ever stayed it (and I stay in hotels a lot) and it's the top end of hospitality in Dubai quality-wise.
Beautiful resort and villas, complete privacy, excellent food, outstanding service and "real" surroundings devoid of Dubai's usual gimmyckiness.
Everybody should have stayed here once while in Dubai.
They now also do day access for lunch & pool. Their pool is great and usually empty (as all villas have private pools, nobody really uses the resort's main pool).

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SiteBuddy Sweet review. I love the privacy of the Al Maha Resort and it really doesn't feel like you're in Dubai at all! Upload a photo and show us how beautiful it is and go into the draw for our super Claw BBQ voucher!

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YaaaaaHooooo Done story ;-)

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Spice Kraft JLT

Even though this place is close to my work, I only heard about it from a friend and today decided to pop in for lunch.
I like Indian food anyway, but it's grand to have a proper vegetarian Indian in the neighbourhood, which also offers vegan options.
I really enjoyed the food. I had the Paneer Handi and also tasted the Mushrooms Manchurian - both dishes were excellent.
Service could have been a bit faster for lunch, but I'll cut them some slack as they only just opened.
Prices are extremely reasonable - our bill for 2 with soft drinks came to AED 76!
I'll pop in here again for sure!

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I came here for brunch yesterday. Although, I'm not really a "brunch person", I enjoyed this brunch. The quality of the dishes & ingredients was very high and made the price tag acceptable. Service was very good, too.
What I liked most was that the choice of dishes wasn't too big. There's a set brunch menu and you can order it as many times as you want or just order the dishes again, which you enjoyed most.
It means you're eating at a leisurely pace and there's no wastage.
The sushi in particular was very good, as were the Edamame beans. The atmosphere is in keeping with the price tag - you won't find any drunken people stumble through the restaurant here. Overall, a very enjoyable experience.

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YaaaaaHooooo Hi there! It's 395 non-alcoholic and 595 with alcohol. I'm not too sure what alcohol was included, because I didn't drink as I was driving, but there was definitely quality champagne and a range of cocktails. I assume there's wine & beer, too. Nothing there is cheap, so they'll be good products, I'm sure. TBH, it's about the same price as the Al Qasr, but a totally different experience. Personally, I liked it more, although some might prefer the huge choice of dishes that the Al Qasr offers.

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Dannielle Thanks! That's really helpful. I'm looking forward to trying it :)

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Mo's, without a doubt, ranks on the very top of my "2013 Restaurants in Dubai #fail" list. What an utterly wasted opportunity.
To make it clear from the beginning: We never ate there. We wanted to, oh yes, really we did. Conditions were perfect - it was raining, we were looking for somewhere not super fancy, but still nice for a quick bite for lunch, we entered Mo's and were quite impressed by the decor, but... we failed. Or rather Mo's did.

So we sat down and the waitress gives us a breakfast menu and then points out that breakfast had just finished. Probably makes sense in their galaxy. Anyway, fine with us, we're flexible, so let's have lunch. Oh, wait, lunch doesn't start until 30 minutes after breakfast has finished. Wooooot? So yes, we could have perused the menu and placed our order, but would have waited 30 minutes minimum for them to commence lunch operations. No particular explanation from the waitress, no attempt to make us a stay, nothing. So we walked...

It takes a very special kind of person to open a restaurant in what is surely an almost perfect location and then moron it up in such a way.

I wonder whether there's a serving break between lunch and dinner, too. Alas, I really can't be bothered to go again and find out.

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Ntehrani Dude, you are lucky you didn't get to eat there. We had the misfortune of having brunch there. It was absolutely horrible. The can't even make eggs. We'll never go there again.

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YaaaaaHooooo Ah ha ha, yes, I figured that when I read the comments here after we got home that day. Sorry to hear about your brunch experience. To be honest, I think they'll probably last only a few more months. No way they can survive the summer with service and food quality as it currently is...

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Perfume Souq

I recently ordered from Perfume Souq and I'm happy I did. The product I wanted, even though it was an older perfume, was in stock and very well priced.
Online ordering was painless and I got the delivery within 48 hours by courier.
Verdict: Far more convenient than going to a mall!

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Perfume Souq

Perfume Souq (Business Owner): Thank you for your supportive feedback.

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