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What an amazing affordable restaurant. I will definitely say I have a man crush on Elia. Such a beautiful homely Greek restaurant, who would have thought in Dubai. Located in the Majestic Hotel so I was a little skeptical because the only time I ever come here is to go on a pub crawl in Bur Dubai and we come to The Music Room.

Walking in I was pleasantly surprised, defiantly a homely mom and pop feel to it which was great. Not a huge restaurant which is nice as well, they have seating inside and out. We sat inside which was really nice and had a great waitress. We did not know what we wanted so the manager who is Greek helped us out. We actually ordered about 5 appetizers which was plenty for 2 people so we did not even get to order our mains. We also had a nice Greek bottle of wine (311aed) witch I have never had before either which was a little pricey but ok. We had the octopus, green quasadilla thingy, feta cheese and a couple more that I forgot. All were exceptional and more then filling.

All in all the bill came out to be 510AED with the 300AEd bottle of wine so it is more then affordable. I will definitely be coming back here again in the near future.

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Medcare Orthopaedics & Spine Hospital

Like all UAE doctors I am skeptical to begin with but I have had this lingering back issue for awhile and all the physio docs I have seen have not really cut it yet or maybe I just wanted the opinion of a real doctor. Anyways I thought I would try Medcare Orthopedics since it is recently newly opened on Sheikh Zayed road and it looked professional.

The facility was nice and it was buzzing with people with all sort of issues so I was feeling better about my choice since there was actual people in there. I called the day before to get an appointment so I was not waiting forever which was a good call. I filled out the normal paperwork and settled in untiled they called me.

Basically the doctor looked me over for about 30 seconds and recommended I take some anti inflamatories and call him if it does not get any better. I don't know if it is just the injury I have, I pulled a muscle in my back and it just wont go away, or what but I really wanted a definitive answer from him on how to fix it which he just said it takes time and you need to stretch. I kind of feel short changed but maybe that is the answer. Anyways I am doing what he says so lets see in a couple of weeks. Overall the the experience was ok and the facility was nice.

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Sumo Sushi & Bento

I have not been back to Sumo Sushi in awhile so I decided to grab some take away this time. Lunch time is still caos in this place so I suggest calling ahead instead of just walking in and ordering. I had the chirashi but basically asked them to just have salmon and tuna, the other white fish they usually use is not that good...stick with basics. Overall still ok sushi at a reasonable price.

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Umi Sushi

This place is surprisingly good. They are an Japanese restaurant that covers a bit of everything in Asian food. I had some tuna maki and salmon maki rolls as well as some salmon sashimi and tuna sashimi, both were fresh and good so no complaints. I also had some vietnamese spring rolls and honey chicken that hit the spot as well. Also the pancake duck is decent, not amazing but good enough. I did the take away thing so can't comment on the delivery and dine in aspect but so far so good. I will be hitting them up again. Side note they were a little pricey, I think our bill came out to be around 250aed

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What an awesome restaurant. First of all it is the only restaurant in Dubai that gives you a koozie for your beer. Don't let the koozie fool you, it is a really nice restaurant. Mekong is an asian restaurant that serves a lot of different cuisine, Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese. It is really cool decorated and we ate outside ion these rickshaw tables which were fun.

The service and the food was really good. We ordered a bunch of different things but the duck pancakes, rice and chicken leaf thingy and the sticky rice for desert was amazing. I really like this hotel, it is really well done. After dinner for a night cap you can go down to The Beach House for some cocktails which is great. Overall some of the best asian food I have had in Dubai and surprising not that expensive. Per person I would say its around 250aed with booze.

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Iris Dubai

I had not been back here in awhile so I decided to try their brunch and it was great. It is an a la carte menu which I like so you don't over do it. They did have a fruit spread where you could help yourself that was chill. They had a bunch of things on the menu, everything from burgers,pancakes, crab salad, eggs benedict, name it.The burger was excellent and so was the quiche. It was a very tame brunch where people where just relaxing, drinking and eating...nothing to crazy. They did have some live music and the guy was amazing. Overall a nice chill brunch to go to.

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Sass Cafe

Sass Cafe was really cool last night, something different for Dubai. Basically it is dinner and show...your basics dinner and a pianist. I know this probably one of the oldest concepts but they do it really good. Sass Cafe is a smaller restaurant, which I like, and the decor is really nice. While you eat they have a pianist and singer that plays everything from Pharrell to madonna...the singer even walks around the restaurant while singing. The music is quit load which I liked because it gives it a fun vibe the whole time your dining.

We came at around 930pm and the singer was already on and sang for like another hour. Then she comes back on around 1230 and plays until 130AM. We stayed the whole time and there are 2 different crowds that come in. One if for dinner and a show and the other is strictly for partying which you could tell because people really started to come in around 12am.

The food was really good and so was the service. I had the frois gras for appetizer and the beef tenderloin for my main.....both were delicious. Sass Cafe is about 400aed a person with booze. The entrees are around 200aed and with the other stuff you are around the 400 mark. I think for the price it is well worth it because you get a show and it is really nice. Definitely can be a date night spot or get a group together and come later for a show.

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Potbelly Sandwich Shop

Came back here for lunch today and Potbelly's is as good as ever. Being on a diet I had the chicken salad salad and it was good. I would warn them next time to go light on the dressing since they did a good job swimming my salad in it. Still a really good salad and even though there is a big line during lunch hour it moves really quickly. Also tried the chili as well, it is ok, not great but ok.

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Get On Track

My back has been hurting me for some time so I thought I would try this place out. It was more of a muscle issue so I self diagnosed myself and knew I need a physiotherapist. I called that morning and was able to get an appointment later on that which was nice.

Get On Track has a nice facility on Al Wasl road which is good because it os close to where I live and I know I will have to be back for multiple secession. I really like the therapist there because he did not feed me a lot of BS. He told me I needed to do some stretches and some other things before he could really start on me which is rare because most doctors in Dubai just want to make money and will tell you to come back every week for know reason. I made an appointment for next month so we will see how that goes. The consult was 450AED which was ok so I will write another review in a month or 2 to see really how good these guys are. So far so good though.

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Story Rooftop Lounge

This little gym has been hiding in Media City and I never knew about it...they must not do any promotion or anything because It has been here for awhile supposedly. Anyways Story Rooftop Lounge is a really chill roof top bar. They have an inside part but it was dead since the weather was so good outside. The outside area in not huge but it has a great view of the palm and media city. Definitely not pretentious at all which I really liked. The music was good, house, but not to house and they changed it up with some pop. We stayed pretty late and it stayed busy so it had a good vibe most of the night. Definitely could be a new after work drink spot or a new hangout.

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