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Bushman's Restaurant and Bar

Really cool place, nice design and the food was good. Australian steak house newly opened in Anantara on the Palm. It was kind of busy, assuming most of the guest were from the hotel. they have a cool rustic Australian theme going which was nice and a nice open kitchen where you can see what is going on. They have exotic meats on the menu like emu and kangaroo. I tried both, emu was pretty tammy. They also have a bar and cigar area that was nice.....not busy though and pretty small.

For dinner I had the filet with a house salad and some asparagus. The steak was cooked perfect to medium rare. Overall it was pricey, around 350AED. It was a nice place but I would say its semi casual. Then only negative things was the service was not that good and their air condition was usual...pretty steamy in there.. The waitress was pretty oblivious to everything and always had to check when I asked her a question, hate that. Overall it was a good place but they need to work on some things for that kind of money.

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Cactus Cantina

This was my first time to their new location and honestly I was disappointed. Cactus Cantina has completely lost there old school mexican vibe they had at their old location. I mean this place is nothing like the old one. It is much smaller and tucked away in wafi mall which is depressing. The food was the same which was good but i just could not get over the decor. The old one you would want to stay and drink and have a good time for a couple of hours. The new place is depressing and you just want to eat and leave.

I still think they have the best mexican food in Dubai but now there is a price to pay for it. I wonder if they do delivery...if so this will probably be how I eat from them from now on. Sorry Cactus but you broke my heart.

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abs12345 Sad! I loved the old place.

15/06/2014 - Report

Sega Republic

Sega Republic is good fun but man it is expensive. I don't know if I am just being a cheapo but the minimum amount you can spend in there is 200AED. I mean when you get a card to activate any machine you want to play you have to buy a card first and that minimum is 200AED. I popped in because we were about 30 min early for a movie and my kid side took control. They have a lot of really cool new games that I have never heard of. Being use to atari and nintendo these games were mind blowing. I mean some of them you got in and it spun you around like upside down while you were playing the game.

Overall good fun but a little pricey.

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Very cool new bar in Media City. I really like what's going on with Q43 in Media One Hotel. They have this New York type feel to it that is laid back yet nice. Great place to come before a night out or after work drinks. We came up the other Thursday and it was bumping after work. We stayed until about 8pm and it kept getting more and more packed. It had a good Media City work crowed plus people started coming in that were pre-gaming before they went out. It's a big bar with a great view of the palm and Media City. Definitely going to be a regular here.

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Societe Club

This place has some mixed reviews so far but I like it. Nothing gets the blood pumping like MC Hammer or Rick Springfield. Yes it's a small club, yes it's a little smokey and yes it's over crowded. But what else do you expect from a popular club in Dubai. I suggest you don't show up unless you have a table or you will never get a drink unless you are a chick. We had a blast. The music was good and everyone was dancing, what is not to love.

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More Cafe

I have not been back here in awhile so I forgot how good this place is. Alis soup is ridiculously good. Actually you could just have that as your meal since it is so filling and big. If you have not tried it you are missing out. For my main I had the salmon fillet 220gm which I had poached over mashed potatoes and it was excellent. This place is packed during lunch but it is so big you can usually walk in and grab a seat. Overall a must if you are in Emirates Mall.

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Emirates Hospital

I came in here the other day because I was not feeling to hot and got recommend Emirates Hospital by a friend who said they were good. The facility is on the 33rd floor and it is kind of weird you have to go through the Bentley Car show room o get to it....I bet that is what Bentley wants sick people walking around while they are trying to sell million dirham cars. Anyways, the place was really professional and I was in and out in about 40 min. They do a really good job at being efficient and the doctor I saw was good. I would say for your typical flu and bangs and bruises this is a good place to come.

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Lounge Cafe Italiano

Boy oh boy when I walked in this place I got good vibes. it was well decorated, all the tables were full and the guy at the door was friendly and nice. This place has a great ambiance which is a new aged trendy type lunch work Italian place.
Saying that, the food was just not good and definetly not worth the money. I had a simple bolognese spaghetti and the noodles were so undercooked and the sauce was just......blah. I ordered the beef carpaccio which was 70aed and it was a abby order, could have easily ate 2. A bill for 2 for lunch and coffee was 253AED....defiantly not worth it.

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Clinton Street Baking Company

Finally!!!!!! A great breakfast restaurant has hit Dubai, it only took about 40 years. If you are like me and can eat breakfast for every meal, you have been saved. Unfortunately in Dubai no one serves it after 11 which is annoying and no one does it well......not CSBC. Plus up to this point you could not find any grits in Dubai which was just sad. Clinton Street Baking Company in Dubai has taken all my pains away and has solved a lot of my problems. They do it through butter, fried chicken and waffles and pancakes.

I tried this place last week and had to stop myself from ordering the whole menu. What I did try was the fried chicken and waffles and the cheese grits. Both were a amazing and could have easily have eaten a second order.

I really like this place because of the family friendly atmosphere and the food. They are not trying to make a million things ok on the menu but what they do is focus on a couple of things and make them exceptional. It is a small restaurant, which I love, and caters to the community. This will not be my last revue since I have about 10 other things on the menu I need to try.

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Tiffany I can't wait to go back!

15/05/2014 - Report

Reform Social and Grill

We came to Reform Social and Grill last night for the Saturday (Sunday) roast and it was good. For a 110AED you get to choose between pork and beef and it comes with stuffing, potatoes, Yorkshire pudding and veggies. It was really good not to mention huge. We came early like a bunch of old foggies around 7pm and it was busy. The service was good and the atmosphere was fun. We ate in the bar area away form all the families but all in all I will be coming back for the roast.

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